Friday, November 14, 2008

That Mom

I love being that Mom who lets all the kids come over and hang at the house or in the backyard. That Mom who gives pitchers of ice cold water and homemade popcorn or cookies to a bunch of hungry boys who've been playing hard outside. On Wednesday my boys had some friends over (two are missing from this picture) and they were having the best time outside (even without a trampoline). I brought out some snacks only to find that they have taken their shirts off (well all but one modest friend). It was too cute. They also had taken it upon themselves to get the demolition of my banana trees underway. Every year we have to cut down all 21 banana trees, it is such a huge and messy task. I have decided that since they all loved knocking my trees down, that they can come over on some Saturday and help bring those trees to the front yard to be picked up. Hauling is the most exhausting task. Anyway, as I looked out on the 7 children playing in my backyard, I whispered a little prayer: "Lord, thank you for my little arrows, may they grow to be amazing men of God someday, may they continue to foster the friendships they have and enjoy the fellowship with their brothers in Christ." This was a God stop for me today. I remember asking the Lord to open my womb and grant me the blessing of having children. Ten years of trying and praying and crying and dreaming. I dreamt of the day that I would have a bunch of children playing in my backyard. I dreamt that I would be "That Mom!"


Amanda said...

Love it thanks for being that MOM!
What fun they have.

Katrina said...

I totally want to be "that Mom" too! I also have 3 boys. We waited and prayed four long years for our first child.
They trully are such a blessing!
(BTW I found your blog via the gratitude list on Ann's blog.)

placeofgrace said...

Ahh, I love being "that Mom" too (I hope I am a "that Mom") Only we seem to be farming with girls ;) ! There always seem to be three or four "added" girls around. I love it!! If I could only remember to bring some pictures along when I blog!

Your bunch of boys are great and I hope they managed with the demolition of the banana trees!