Thursday, November 6, 2008

Family October Memories

We will go to great lengths to get my son Kyle to try new foods! This is my husband....he rocks!!
Welcome October!
Ok, so the above pictures makes me laugh. This is what Floridians consider a pumpkin patch. OH HELP ME! My children may never know what it is like to go pumpkin picking in a real pumpkin patch, like the one in Hillsdale NJ where Mike and I would go every year. They not only had pumpkins, hay rides, and apple orchards, but one year we found the perfect peach! We worked hard to get that peach and since then (16 years ago) we have not had a peach worthy of comparison. (Sorry for the digression there....just a memory). You can check out Demarest Farms by clicking here.

Choosing the perfect pumpkin can still take a long time! I think I have 3 happy hunters!

Every year it seems we have an unusual moth that comes to our home. Right outside our front door, waiting all day for Kyle to return home from school. I haven't researched yet. We will learn what it is!

This is my family before getting lost in the swamp!
This is an hour into our hike, off the beaten path, somewhat lost! What good snacks, no water, sweating hot, lots of flying bugs and hermit crabs. We learned a lot on this walk!

Ah, getting lost has its perks!

Day of more least for now! What will my boys do? Oh you'll see soon enough. That is a whole other blog!

It is carving time at the Engel home! I love this picture! Three, four years ago, Kyle would never get his hands dirty like that! By the way, if your going to roast your seeds, a great way to get all that pumpkin pulp off the seeds is to soak them in water. I always roast them up and we eat them up very quickly! A little salt, a little pepper, a lot of garlic! OH YUM!

My first attempt at a 3-dimensional cake. I couldn't get the icing as dark as I wanted, but since this cake, I have learned a few more secrets! I had a blast doing this. The cake and goodie bags were for our Pumpkin Day Celebration for our Homeschool group.

Finally, here is our pumpkin. He looks just like an Engel. Seriously, we all agree that he has some family resemblance. We think it is the smile, or maybe just the little light inside that shines Jesus. The Engel family had a great October. My personal favorite holiday however is coming up this month! November here we come!

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