Friday, November 7, 2008

Redneck Entertainment

Oh my goodness, I don't believe I just typed that in the title line. We have lived in Florida for 5 years. Grant it, it is really the only place knows as home (my twins too for that matter). My boys have been very blessed to have such great friends (oddly enough, as hard as it is to find a Florida native around, they have 2 or 3 friends who were born right here!). A few days ago, I was in the kitchen cooking (don't laugh, I'm getting good at it!) and I peeked out the window.....this is what I saw!

That would be my boys and their friend yelling at the picnic table as if they were watching some sport on TV. Actually, they were watching their three bugs race up the side of the table. OH! Who will win?! Oh my goodness. It gets worse. I thought, at least Kyle is not partaking in this oddity! Well, yesterday I go outside to check my three sons and this is what I found...(to my friend in South Africa....I hope this makes you smile!)

Oh the joys of having boys!


Amanda said...

LOLOLOL I love your boys and backyard! How funny...
Love ya,
Thanks for the kind words abd the break today....
Praying for tonight.

placeofgrace said...

Okay, this was funny and VERY cute ;) We caught a cricket and it survived for two weeks in a bottle as a family pet. It was fed more regularly and with more enthusiasm than the dogs, and when it eventually died of old age, we had a funeral!! For a cricket!! But we did not touch it, I think it can bite.

Your homeschooling looks like a lot of fun!!


Allison Reynolds said...

You are so funny...those boys of yours are great!