Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School Days = Tropical Storms = Hurricanes = Tornados!

Well, we made it through the first day of school....and now we "hunker-down" for a hurricane. Yup, two days off for "what could be" a hurricane, but is right now a tropical storm. I get the reasons for cancelling school, because one never knows, but clearly, today there were some major down pours and some gusty winds, but we could have had school. Anyway, I digress.

So, here are a few "first day of school pics" I thought I'd share.
Here is Kyle more than ready to conquer Day 1 of 1st grade! We couldn't be more proud (and quite frankly, he couldn't either!)
Brendan and Shane completing their morning "Critical Thinking" exercises. Shane is thrilled not to be sitting down. (Oh this child doesn't sit well at all!)
I purchased special pencils for Shane - $4.50 special - they are extra thick for little hands -- you know to help with writing his letters. Those would not do -- nope, you know why? They wouldn't fit behind his ears--that's why!! So we'll stick with the old cheap skinny pencils - cuz they look "cool"! UGH!
Ok, so the writing thing didn't go over so well on the first day of school. Writing in lines was just frustrating my kindergartner. So today we tried shaving cream. OH what a difference. So, I'm thinking of just printing this picture out for his portfolio.
Brendan is my Mr. Education - the kid could read and do school all day long. In this picture he is working hard at developing the 4001st language in our world, "Brendooli". (We learned in history today, that there are over 4000 languages in our world today - so now for sure there are over 4001.) Ok - the kid just turned 7 years old - he is so his parents' child - Mike and I both did this (but I don't think it was this good) It is a very cool language with symbols for letters and of course a special pronunciation for each symbol.
This is Shane's new favorite activity. Really, I don't need to cover P.E. for this child! He has got it covered!

Here is sample of the "Brendooli Language" in action:

I promise this is the final video of my boy finally getting the letter "h" actually the sound of "Sh". That would be shaving cream....funny thing...we kept smelling Daddy all day (that shaving cream sticks with you!)


Michelle said...

How wonderful! We did all of these same activities- I truly enjoyed watching.

And if I may add with my gymnastic hat on: Shane does a mighty good cartwheel, and I bet he's got some other hidden gymnastics skills in there- gymnasts can tell these kind of things. Tell him I said great job!

Barclay 5 said...

I used to love "snow days"! Kyle looked like such a handsome little man! We are so proud of all the boys, and their great teacher,too!

We are on vacation and experiencing some of the effects of your weather - Thanks!

Love to you from HH!

Anonymous said...

How fun! I wish i could have learned letters in shaving cream! You're a good teacher!

How's the weather by you today?

Miss you,