Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Incredible

This blog is about the journey of a superhero Mom. Not a super Mom by any means, just a Mom of superheros. I hope that is well understood. However, I do have a super family and the head of this family is Michael, my Mr. Incredible. Today is his birthday!
I met Mike in September of 1989, we started dating in February 1990 and we were married that December of 1990. When you have a good thing, you just know it! About 9 or 10 years into our marriage I sent flowers to my mother-in-law on August 5th to thank her for her son. I consider myself one of the most fortunate women to be married to Michael.He is my very best friend on this earth. He knows me like no other, he loves me like no other, and he cares about me like no one else could. He watches over me, protects me, encourages me and makes it a priority to bless me. He honors me with his words and actions. He teaches our boys to love a wife the way the Lord has intented! I could not ask for more in a man. When we were getting married my pastor told him to "Treat her like the precious jewel that she is.." and that is what he has done for the past 18 years.
Before we had children, I knew Mike would be an amazing Dad. When we lost our first child, I realized I had no idea of the capacity of love in this man. After losing 14 babies, and then giving birth to our twins, I knew that God had given me an amazing undescribable gift in this husband of mine. He is a phenominal father to our three sons. His love and adoration for our boys goes beyond description of the written word. Here is a man who would choose his family over anything.
Since the time my twins were born and I was in and out of a coma, my husband was an absolute hands on Daddy! As a matter of fact, when I was finally home with my babies, my husband went back to work and it was I who called him with questions like "How do I do this thermometer thing? I put it where?!" yes indeed, he educated me at first.
Well we are in this parenting thing together and I have to say, I couldn't ask for a better partner to parent with. My boys are so blessed to have Michael as their hero!
What attracted me to Mike 19 years ago is what still attracts me today. His heart for the Lord, his compassion for people and his passion and love for his family. I tell eveyone that when I first met Mike Engel, I told my dad that I wanted to marry someone just like Mike Engel. I just never thought that he would pick me. He had all of the qualities in a man that I had ever hoped of having one day. He encourages me in my faith, he loves the Lord and desires to be the best husband, son, father, friend that he can be. Is he perfect NO WAY - no one is, but as far as I'm concerned he is my super hero! I am blessed to call him friend, I am blessed to call him love and I am blessed to call him the father of my three sons. Below is a picture that I hold dear to my heart. Here is the man I married and who we celebrate today, teaching my boys the importance of prayer. What a legacy. Happy Birthday my love!


Barclay 5 said...

Hey guys! I did comment yesterday, but looks like it didn't make it through to you. Anyway, Happy belated Birthday Mr. Incredible, we think you are great too! Lisa, I'd love to have tea with you, with or without the dolls!

Love, Tracy XO

Amy Guerino said...

Found you through a comment you posted on Randy Alcorn's blog. He is a favorite author of mine too and we have the privilege of being an acquaintence of his...but I'm closer to his daughter, Karina.

A great day to have a birthday. It is our wedding anniversary.

Marisa said...

What a great post! It certainly does sound like you and the boys are blessed!