Thursday, August 28, 2008

My First Meme!

That is meme that rhymes with "dream" or could be said like "mem" from the word memory. The term and concept of meme is from the 1976 book by Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene. Though Dawkins defined the meme as "a unit of cultural transmission, or a unit of imitation," memeticists vary in their definitions of meme. The lack of a consistent, rigorous definition of what precisely a meme is remains one of the principal criticisms leveled at memetics, the study of memes. (from the Wikipedia) (Of course this was an education for me because I saw the word and thought immediately of my mother-in-law.....the kids call her Meme ("") and spells it that way too!)

Anyway, as you will soon find out I have to research everything to death. SO, my new friend over at Every Day Simple Abundance has kindly "tagged" me and it is my turn to state 6 "quirky" facts about me. I will do my best! I'm sure those of you who know me can think of 6 easily!

1. (Disclaimer, I am getting so much better now) Things have to match (not my clothing just random items needed to match) When my twin boys use to use "sippy" cups, I had a very very difficult time when the lid did not match the cup. Case in point: I moved to FL and met a new friend. She watched my boys one afternoon. She gave me my sippy cups and "carelessly" placed one of her lids on my cup and it didn't match. I could not sleep that entire night. I tossed and turned, knowing that the purple cup had a yellow lid! Insane, I know, but I think it comes with having multiples, things just matched and I feel better when things are "in order".

2. I'm a little naive. (or can I just say, I'm always learning new things). For example I was out with some girls tonight and they were talking about this thing called Dip that their husbands use. The first thought that came to my mind was French Dip, you know on French Bread and dipped in au jus! No not quite! After all the chuckling I found out it is some form of chewing tobacco. Don't laugh, I came home and asked my husband of 18 years what he thought Dip was and he said, "You mean French Dip, you know with the au jus?" Yea, two peas in a pod we are!!

3. I can't stand a messy face on my children. UGH! Since they were babies, I have been the "Wipey Queen"! Ask me why I still have Baby Wipes in my car - and no babies? To make sure faces are clean. Ironically enough, my Kyle only eats PBJs for lunch. All last year, the boy came home with jelly on his face - every day - it just killed me that he sat through the rest of his school day and had jelly on his face! I shudder just thinking about it!

4. I have bug phobia! True - I hate to admit that, but I do. My boys love bugs! Thank you Lord for that small gift! I really didn't want to pass on my fears. (Seriously, my son Kyle is the bug whisperer!)

5. I'm somewhat notorious (again getting better in my old age) for putting things away in the strangest places. ie. Deodorant in the refrigerator, Milk in the cabinet with the cereal...

6. I like to research things to death (I think this is directly or indirectly related to 2 on my list) or perhaps it comes from being a high school teacher for 9 years and not always knowing all of the answers to the questions my students had. I am dedicated to finding out the truth.

Ok so here is where I tag someone else (I think)! So I'm going to go ahead and choose from those who know me and hopefully won't ignore me. If you ignore this I'm still going to totally love you girls! I am only going to go with 3 because my predecessor did (Everyday Simple Abundance)!

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Michelle said...

The fact that your researched meme puts a smile on my face and laughter in my heart- I love you.

And the whole "dip" thing... know I'm shaking my head and smiling again- classic Lisa. You rock!

My meme will come later, I have a vacation day planned today.

Monica Kaye said...

I am so glad you researched meme too! Sometimes it's the little quirky things about us that show the fingerprints of God. I think I fixed my blog so it's public now, like I said--I'm so new to this. Happy Friday!

Barclay 5 said...

Thanks for the tag. I wrote out the quirks, but will post when I get home. I am having trouble with the links. And, really slow service here.

Anyway, I just love all your funny ways!

Tracy xo

Ps - how sad I really do not have any friends in blog world, yet. Just Amy and you!