Friday, August 15, 2008

The Dangerous Thing Boys Do

I wish I could spell all of the things that come out of my mouth when I watch my boys play. "Ahhhhh" or "Please Dear Lord, let them not hang themselves", "Ay yei yei", "OH MY", "Please please please be careful". I could go on. My boys are crazy. Or are all boys just crazy? My friend Michelle has told me on a few occasions that I should buy the book below. I'm thinking I should. At least in this book there might be some constructive "dangerous" things boys can do, like make a battery, make a periscope....

Because here is what my boys are doing lately....
That is their friend Chase, he is more than likely the mastermind, but my boys are quick learners. They were having a blast making a "tree fort" without any wood! Those are cheap plastic chairs, just sitting on a tree branch!
Below is Chase's little brother. Here is the problem, he sits there looking all adorable, but really, I believe he is just learning the ropes. Yup! He is watching the big boys do dangerous things, so that in a few years he'll be doing dangerous things and the cycle keeps going.
So, here again are my wild animals. Crazy boys, but I love them. I am thankful for their imagination. I know that there will be more "dangerous" things ahead. I mean if you haven't caught my friend's Michelle's website her boys blew up a car not too long ago (an old car just sitting on their property). These are the things I have to look forward to. My boys love going to Ms. Michelle's house because they are completely free (and encouraged I think) to release all that testosterone that might be sometimes quenched by my always saying "Can you just sit down and read for a little bit?" or "How about some play dough?" or how about this one.....I know you have said the same thing....."Ok, so who wants to play the silent game!?"
Seriously, I am so glad my boys play hard. They need to! So, Lord just keep that hedge of protection around my boys. I am sure the angels that the Lord has in charge over my boys are very capable at doing what they are called to do.


Barclay 5 said...

Aren't boys fun! They keep you on your toes. It amazes me how inately different Maeve is from Myles. All God's design -perfection!

I'm thinking an investment in mats, pads and head gear might be in order.

Love to you today!

Michelle said...

I blame the testosterone. We too have a plastic lawn chair in a tree, Vaughan actually reads and journals up there. It's the hunter in them, the warrior that makes them seem crazy to us and oh so perfect in the sight of our Lord.

Boys... gotta love 'em!

Rock on Superhero boys, rock on!