Saturday, May 3, 2008

Oh, I Forgot I Had Twins

Warning!! I am going to ramble today! I started searching for blogs about parents with twins. Don't ask me why? My twins are going to be 7 years old this June and it dawned on me that I often "forget" that I have twins. Maybe it is because I have Shane, my 3rd son, and so since he was born I was no long a Mom of twins, but a Mom of 3. Plus the fact that all of my boys are very different.

With Kyle, my Baby "A", he is such an individual and with his "disability" or what we like to call "issues" he is just so much his own little man. In fact, Kyle and Shane often make us feel like we have two sets of twins. Kyle and Brendan (who share the same birthday) and Kyle and Shane who are much more alike developmentally. It is crazy!

Then there is Brendan, my Baby "B", he is way tall (up to my armpits tall) for a 6 year old. He will tell you that "people always think I'm 8 or 9 years old" and it is true! He reads on a 4-5th grade level and he is often times very serious. (not all of the time) :)
Then there is Shane, my Surprise Baby, he is so different from his brothers it is crazy. He is very physical and he is my "ham"!

Now that I wrote all of this I feel so much better! I have these three amazing boys, so unique, so different, but so much brothers!! They love each other (most of the time), they really are each other's best friends, and now that my kids are getting older (and I don't use my twin stroller), people see me with three boys and think they're triplets. I really don't ever feel like I have twins anymore. I have 3 boys. I remember feeling so special (and so tired) because having two babies at once was different than having one at a time. It was kind of a unique situation, with unique circumstances and unique challenges. (None of which phased me at all because that is all I ever knew, until I had Shane and then I had two 2 year olds and a newborn -- and that was my undoing).
Oh, I guess there is one time a year when I feel like I have twins (or triplets for that matter) and that is the week of June 12th. With all three birthday the same week, we have one birthday party for all three boys. That is a weird thing. Will they ever know what it is like to have their "own" birthday? Hmmmm.....I'll have to work on that.

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Michelle said...

I like the part about having 2 sets of twins. When you said that I thought- in a way she does, having them 2 years apart will do that! I pray they will enjoy their shared birthdays. I'm sure if they want their "own" day they'll let ya know.