Monday, May 5, 2008

Just Don't Blink

Growing up we are always told that life goes by so quickly! I never believed it when I was a child because as I sat in school, the year seemed to drag; and as I played all summer, sometimes it never seemed to end! Now as I'm a year shy of 40, I see what all of my elders were talking about! I feel like I just blinked my eyes and my children grew up! Below is a picture of my niece's First Holy Communion. I sat in that church and remembered being in that same seat for her Christening. Seriously, I just felt like it was a blink of an eye!
My mother-in-law has beautiful grandchildren huh?
About this picture below. Well, I have to say, when it comes to parties and cake, my children are professionals. We went to a birthday party the day after my niece's party and the Grandma of the boy called all the children in from the park. She gave the loudest whistle and said it was time for cake and my three children were the first in their seats and ready to partake! Yes, below is a picture of my son Shane showing his expertise in the art of eating cake.
(Picture taken at Holly's Communion party!)
This picture just reminds me of me when I was little! Always ready to smile for the camera! Brendan really looks a lot like his Mommy in this picture I think.

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