Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Granny Han & I

I love Granny Han! We met this week, and I have found a "sister of the heart" in Granny (Pauline) Han! If you have not met her, you must go to your library right away or click here and buy the book "Granny Han's Breakfast". Seriously, it is only 25 pages long but Brendan and I both agree that it was one of the best true stories we have ever read. It is about a Christian ambassador living in Taiwan. She lives day to day trusting in the Lord for her every need and the Lord comes through for every single need down to the smallest of details.

In light of what my family is living right now with husband being unemployed since January, I can totally relate to Granny Han's miracles. She even mentions the 5 loaves 2 fish miracle that I feel like we have been living as well. God has been so good to my family in provide for our every need, and the greatest thing is that it is not only increasing my faith, but my children's faith as well. Thank you Lord for good Godly examples of saints who went before us and thank you for being the same yesterday, today and forever! ~ Lisa

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