Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love - Praying For Light

We are embarking on a mission. That's right. Mission Possible 2012. It is the hope of our children's ministry that this Mission Possible project will ignite a flame within our children, our community, our country and yes even our world. Our church's children's ministry have put together some very clever tools to help families do this. Spreading the light and love of Jesus has always been a passion of my family. Mike and I served in Chi Alpha for years, strategically spreading the Light of Jesus on a dark campus in NJ. More recently my boys and I have been able to serve right here in our community.  I've written about it in several other posts like here or here.
In my curriculum we read a book called Window on the World every week. This allows us to become familiar with about 92 largely unevangelized countries and peoples of the world. It gives us ways to pray for them and what to thank the Lord for already. So along with this our church has provided information about Mali (the country that our church is currently partnering with) as well as Detroit (our youth have invested their hearts by serving there) and then of course local opportunities. Its about spreading light in a dark world. This past Sunday I sat with a precious man in his 80s who held my hand close to his chest and asked me why I love him more than his own children. As I served him a hot meal and listened to him talk...he told me about why he comes to this place to be fed. It is not always about the food (although indeed he is hungry and in need), but I think it is because he feels loved. He has stolen a piece of my heart. He told my boys that they are like little angels to him. It makes his heart feel happy when he sees them loving people. "It is a gift to be treasured!" he whispered to my boys.
So when while we cannot be in Detroit or Mali, we pray for Light. We have missionary friends in Japan, Budapest, South Africa, Nigeria...we pray for them. We sit around our table after morning devotions and pray. We pray for Light. A few years back, my 8 year old, then maybe at 5 years old..went up to everyone he would see and asked if they knew Jesus. We were surprised by some of the responses. People know about Him, but most don't really know him..and admittingly so. We need to spread the Light of this world.
Interestingly enough, we did a science experiment today. It was on light. Light travels in a straight line and it travels very very fast. The only way to stop light from traveling block it with something. This led to a great discussion about the things in our lives that may block the light of Jesus shining through us. The words we say, the choices we make, the way we live our daily lives. We are supposed to be different. We are supposed to be set apart. We are in the world not of it. It is not always easy..I know.  What happens when we turn on a light after being in the dark? It hurts our eyes. It is not comfortable for those in darkness to be around the is not supposed to be comfortable. How grateful are we when our eyes adjust to the light and we can finally see? Oh yes. Shine through me Lord.
If you are concerned with spreading the love of Jesus...shining his Light in a dark world..start by praying. There is certain power in prayer. Prayer does great things in the Heavenlies. Then remember to be careful not to allow things in our lives that may block the Light. Create in my a clean heart oh me and know me...let me be a light in a dark world.

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Aleatha said...

One of my favorite memories of your youngest is when he asked the "lady" at the bowling alley if she knew Jesus. You know what I'm talking about. I am cracking up as I type this!