Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pray Until It Melts

Yes, the ice cube, but our hearts as well. We are devoting a few days a week to concentrate our prayer and devotion time on Missions. I've mentioned our Mission Possible 2012 in my last post. Today we spent 15+  minutes (must have been chilly in my house) praying for local missions, including our neighbors (whom we "loved" on bringing them treats), our homeless friends that join us when we help feed the hungry (we've established amazing relationships with people we deeply love by doing this) and our family. "Lord help us be a light, wherever we go!"
The goal was to pray as long as it took for that ice cube to melt. After we went around the table the first time I saw my children starting to peek to see if it had melted. So we continued in prayer. Such a great opportunity to stretch ourselves. I taught them how to pray in agreement. As one boy prayed we all agreed, just by quietly talking to the could hear heartfelt whispers like..."Yes Lord, we praise you Jesus, hallelujah..." I explained to them that lots of time when I pray, I praise Him and soon He gives me more to lift up. I watched and listened as my children felt the confidence to go on and as they heard the Holy Spirit speak to their hearts. I was undone by some of the prayers! WOW!
The ice cube did finally melt. We were amazed as we lifted our heads to see that it was gone and we wondered if in fact we prayed even though it had melted. The Holy Spirit was most definitely present. We didn't want to move on. So as we talked about what it was like to praise Him with our words, one of my boys mentioned that it was awesome to do that...they thought praise only meant worship. It does mean that as well...we worship by our words, actions and in song.. So we decided we weren't done. It was time to turn on some music!
We sang our hearts out!! We were jumping and clapping and woohooing the Lord!! It was awesome!
We were laying it all down for the joy of the Lord. Then I taught them the song "Shine Jesus Shine!" Perfectly fitting for our focus. I told the boys that Mr. Incredible and I used to serve in Chi Alpha at Montclair State University in campus ministry! We would sing this all the time..we wanted to be a light on a dark campus! We still want that...our campus has just changed.

Yes Lord set our hearts on fire!!  Flood the nations with grace and mercy and send forth your Word, Lord and let there be light!
It was a sight to behold in my bedroom! My boys..singing, and worshiping God! Praising Him...and praying for the Light!!!
Apparently Shane got my camera too. Not the best picture, but it is only fair that they stole a moment when I wasn't looking. I love those boys!!
At Shane's request we ended our time of prayer and praise with Come Thou Fount. The song sung by Fernando Ortega that he has gone to sleep to every single night since he was born (and still does!).
Today was a such a glorious day. We didn't want to move on to the rest of our school day. However, we did, but there was this air about the was full of humming and words like..."Praise God!" and ideas like...lets write a note to the other neighbor that didn't answer their door yesterday. Let's keep watch out the window to see if she smiles. Love your neighbors as your self! "I can't wait to pray again tonight..with Dad!" We'll pray until our hearts melt! We'll pray until the light penetrates the World enough to change the hearts of men, women and children! Be intentional with your children. Teach them to pray, to be a light, to worship and to praise. Teach them to use words, songs and actions. Be a light in their that long after you are gone...He continues to shine in and through your lineage!


Aleatha said...

I am totally going to do this!! What a great idea. BTW I love that your shirt says Trust Me. How appropriate

Michelle said...

I really like this idea of praying until the ice cube melts!