Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy February?

This past Saturday, February 18, 2012 we celebrated Thanksgiving! Several people asked..."Why?" Our response was, "We have so much to be thankful for...why not?" So having a small turkey in our freezer and being blessed beyond words served as good enough reason to celebrate. Here are some of our 1000 Gifts. #290-299...
We started our morning with the white board ready for us to fill up as the day went on. Such precious words penned by precious people..who know full well that every good and perfect gift comes from the Father above. When you see the very hand of God work miracles day in and day out..providing food for our table, money to pay our bills and provision in many ways...there is NO doubt in your mind...who is taking care of us.
My man and our quiver!
Even though our Pop has been in a different home since August, he lived with us for 8 years and he will always be apart of our family unit - I love that my children feel that way about him! If he didn't get so confused when he is away from his norm, we would have loved to have him eat with us.
Even though it is February one cannot think of Thanksgiving without thanking the Lord for that special relationship between the Pilgrims and the Indians...this put a smile on this homeschooler's face!
My son Kyle, ever the creative artist...had to write his list inside the leg of a turkey and yes, he is the one who drew the turkey...with the fork and spoon in the first picture!
Ahhh...this superhero was so excited to "fancy it up". That would be my table. I'm not a fancy kind of girl. I don't own china, or center pieces, a table cloth or glassware (I don't own a set of glasses..sad right?!)...but I'm resourceful, and my best friend Lorrie had all the goods I needed to "fancy it up".
Love that man of mine! Mr. Incredible! The one above and the two below were his contribution to our 1000 Gifts (gratitude).
Admitted our children can drive us insane...yet we are thankful for that type of insanity!
 As we sat down we bowed our heads and prayed. We camped out on Adoration and Thanksgiving! Thanking Him for his many blessings.
 I was able to make dessert...lightened up a little. Sugar free pudding with light whipped cream. It looks delicious right?
 It was scrumptious...and less than 2 points per slice. Very few calories in this!
 So...I'm thankful for our family time, our special Thanksgiving and hearts that are being grown up in faith...yes just like George Mueller.
 Oh and my favorite picture of all...
framed in a priceless frame of little fingers. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Colleen said...

Love the fingers!!! And the Thanksgiving celebration... what a wonderful idea! God bless you all!