Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Help Along The Way

Recently I've been traveling along side of sweet friend as she is on a very difficult journey. We have been able to see the hand of God so often because there are two sets of eyes (hearts) looking for the Lord every step of the way! I have been thinking about the journeys that we walk in our lives and how often we feel so alone. Adventuring off into any journey can be exciting and scary at the same time! I look at this picture below...there is my Kyle in the red the inter coastal waterway.

He was having a blast on his little journey. He was most likely a little nervous to venture out, but he new he might see dolphins, manatees and other wildlife while out he wanted to go out by himself! Everything was great until he figured out that he couldn't turn around and he was headed out for the ocean! That is when he called for help! Along came a friend and Kyle held on for dear life as this young friend paddled him back to shore! Not an easy task as you can see with Kyle's kayak in that position.

Sometimes we need rescuing. We are so off course that we need someone to help us find our way back. Christ is always faithful to do that for us. Then there are times when he sends a friend our way to be His hand extended. I thank God for the people in my life that he has sent to gently keep me on track. Those encouraging words, gentle correction, gifts of love, and leading questions that have kept me on a safe course in my walk with the Lord.

Then there are times like the ones below that the Lord brings a person into your life to walk it with you. Kyle found himself on the bottom level of this historical landmark, while his friend Hunter was easily climbing on top of the walls. Kyle, feeling despair called out for help. We all called out instructions to Kyle to help him, but he couldn't seem to climb up. Finally, Hunter jumped down and climbed the wall, step-by-step with Kyle. He came along side of him and climbed up the wall until they both reached the top.

Thank you Lord for the people in our lives that you send that will actually stop and not only show us the way, but join us along the way. Hand in hand, side by side...carrying the burden with us...demonstrating the process! You know what? In this process, both people are equally blessed. You see, the person who is enduring (or enjoying) the journey is blessed by having someone encourage them and actually demonstrating along the way. During the process then too, that encourager/demonstrator is relearning eternal truths and thus engraving it even more deeply in their hearts and growing their faith as well.

I pray that as I walk in my own personal journey and as I walk with my friend in hers, that we continue to have the perspective of gratitude for the people that God places in our lives for such a time as this.

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Katie said...

Lisa I thank God that he placed you in my life for such a time as this! You have helped me too in so many ways. I love you and am not quite sure how I could get through things that challenge me if you were not who you are! Thanks for the reminder that were not walking alone.