Friday, August 21, 2009

Another Great Adventure

My husband and I have been on this adventure before...too many times! However, here we are again: Unemployed! This time it is a little different, we have been here before, we are familiar with the territory and although it is not pleasant...we have abosuletly no fear! No. Just peace! We are armed with not only the promises of God, but we can clearly see the stones that we laid out before that remind us that God has a plan and is going to see us through, because he did it before!

What does that look like in real life and not just poetic phrase? It looks like this: A husband and wife that has not stopped praying together for God's will for our family. The Word of God so clear in its promises to care for our every need and actually provide in abundance (so much that we cannot even store it. Malachi 3:10) A small child who says, "This is so Daddy can become a nurse huh Mom?" Memories of food on our table that was given to us by an anonymous on 5 loaves 2 fish!! While we are not clear where God is taking us at this point, we are very clear that He has a plan for our family and it is a good one! So, that is where the peace comes from...I'm just trusting and it is easy to trust someone who never fails you!

What are you going through? The Lord will never fail you...NEVER! If there is a moment when I begin to doubt or have any kind of fear I will ask myself of Psalm 42:5..."Why so downcast oh my soul...put your hope in God?"

Mike will be starting nursing school in a week. We are all very excited about his major change of career! He can hardly contain himself....he is going to make an awesome RN!

So I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to this new jaunt with Jesus!


allison said...

Many blessings on you in this time...your attitutude is pure testimony to the Lord. You are an awesome woman of God!!! He must look down with a smile on His face!

Jamie Sulle said...

inspiring...can't wait to see God fulfill His sweet promises for your family!

Momma-of-5 said...

Lisa, that's awesome! Mike'll make a great nurse. My mom is one and she praises anyone who changes careers and goes with nursing. It's such a door opener for witnessing. Kudos to Mike! And way to go you all...peace in a time of "what is going on" is a gift! We're employed (that's the royal "we") and we have a house...and food...and healthy kids...and yet still...I stress! I stress that I can't get somewhere with 5 or do something with 5 or spending enough time with each of them or are they talking enough or should they be better behaved. So thanks for the reminder: Peace is the better road. God's plan IS awesome. Why do I have such a hard time remembering that?