Saturday, August 22, 2009

Don't Wait Until Your 40!

What is it with adults?! Really...the older we get the more fearful of some things we become. You remember when your were a went swimming in the ocean and you didn't give the sharks a single thought as you laid prostrate on a boogie board looking like a sea turtle or seal (shark food)! Now, as adults that is all we think about when we go swimming in the ocean....shark bait!

All this to say, that a few months ago my niece Kaelee begged me to get my ears pierced. I wanted them done anyway, but the thought of getting shot in my ears didn't really excited me too much! (Let me say that when I was 16 my friend Linda did surprise me with getting my ears pierced...I guess they closed up...I haven't worn earring in 20 years or so! - again...when we are younger it is not that big of deal!)

Today, as promised my nieces Kaelee & Holly, my sister-in-law Kristen and my mother-in-law all met me at Walmart (I know, it was a family affair!) and I got 'em done! The ears are now pierced. As you will see the girls held my hurt...and it was over (There is a big lesson to be learned here...but for another blog)! Now I feel pretty! Enjoy the shots! (no pun intended)

Here we are...she's taking a look to see if she can see my "old" holes Anticipation is worse than the actual event...
Well, actually I take that back!

Then I had to do it again...oh the price we pay for vanity!


Whitney said...

Wow! You are so brave! I wanted a 2nd hole once but decided it wasn't worth it. LOL I just lov eyou. We shoudl all get together for that coffee soon! I miss you!

Michelle said...

I never ealized you didn't have your ears pierced. Now what other piercing will you get??