Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Summer...Part I

I cannot believe summer is almost over. Two weeks before school starts and I feel like we still didn't have too much time to relax. Why is that? I think possibly because I have three "superheros" under the age of eight and it is much easier to stay busy than it is to be lazy! I promise that these next two weeks we are going to try to relax a little more. We did have many opportunities to make some wonderful memories...and quite frankly, that is what summer is all about: Here are a few memories...I'll post some more tomorrow!

Old Fort Park, with Hunter and Hope Hiles (my "extra" children)

Kyle at the museum.

The Dinardis and the Engels at the Museum of Arts & Sciences.

Quite possibly the very best dessert EVER!

Fun at the park..with ALL of my children!

Mike & I at Emirel Legasse's Tchop Tchop

Me and the crew at the zoo! (Oh yes...I've added our friend Will this time)

Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach!

Lots of coveted beach and my guy!

My friend Carla Hiles (the real mother of my extra children!)
Stay tuned for more memories may be included! I'm all about people! Making memories....being with friends...special times with my superheros...that is what summer means to me!

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Michelle said...

Sadly we didn't connect over this summer; but I look forward to some fall fun with you! Loved these pics and isn't all the memory making what summer is about!