Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Big Fat Greek Gathering

I didn't know how to blog this weekend. It was so full of excitement and great pictures that I decided to designate one blog to each event. This will cover our homeschool Greek Gathering. I think I mentioned that Brendan and I are studying Ancient Greece. This week we are comparing and contrasting the Athenians and the Spartans. However, for the past month we have been learning about Ancient Greece and Greek mythology. I decided in order to make this really come alive we should invite some homeschool friends over and go back in time to Ancient Greece and try to experience what it may have been like.

We had such a great time planning and an even greater time spending it with our friends. Here is how it went.

My friend Michelle is married to someone who is Greek and has family who actually knows how to speak and write in Greek. So I asked if she would give me a Greek greeting so my boys could greet their guests as they arrive and I also asked if she could bring each of the children's names written in Greek. How cool huh? Here is Brendan and some of the others getting ready to make their own name place for the dinner table.

After they wrote their names in Greek, we gathered together for a symposium. Many Greeks were great thinkers and philosophers. Particularly in Athens, people were encouraged to speak their mind. They gathered and ate grapes and nuts and talked about life. The kids did great. They came prepared to talk about what makes people happy and also discuss their favorite Greek god/goddess or hero of Greek mythology.

Then we went outside for the Olympic pentathlon. Five athletic events:
Throwing the javelin....(chopstick)

Hurling the discus...(Frisbee)

The long jump....

The 5k.....not quite....

Wrestling.....there was mixed company after all...we had to keep it civil

And all of the Olympic pentathlon participants were crowned with victory wreaths.

Then we did as the Greeks did best......we feasted. On the menu....(all homemade by the participants and their Moms by the way) spanikopita, moussaka, hummus, Greek salad dip.....

...and a little more baklava! A sweet ending to a sweet way of learning. Don't you want to be home schooled?


Amanda said...

LOVED THIS EVENT! By far the best Homeschool day of the year!

Well done my sister well done!

Michelle said...

This was so much fun! What's next?