Sunday, February 1, 2009

Long Walks on a Beach

When the weather is cool in Florida...the transplants love it! It reminds us of those times we call seasons. We don't get too many seasons in Florida. Well, we get seasons, summer just seems to last forever sometimes, so we love when the weather gets cool. Actually it got so cold this year that Mike had to scrape the car windshield with a metal spatula. Crazy huh?!

Well, in keeping with my Sacred Saturday tradition, we enjoyed a day at the beach, in the cool weather. We ran, we laughed we chased after each other and ran away from the tide. We just had a great time. We even let the kids use the camera to take some pictures to remember this day.

Brendan actually got a camera for Christmas this year. He is doing a great job! That is his shot above. Kyle was too busy signing his name to the sand. (Incidentally, he signs his name to everything. Or, like Zorro he leaves a "K" whenever possible. I've seen a few "K"s in some very inconspicuous spots at church....I had to get the sponge last week. UGH!)
The pictures below we taken by Shane. I think it is too funny to erase these.

Well, are you proud of me? I am in every single picture! I've been told to get over my issues with getting my picture taken. My big goal is to have a family portrait done for Christmas. Now that would be a huge deal!


Amanda said...

It is wonderful to see you not jut in pics but smiling. The boys will truely appreciate this new you. As do I. Love the pics! Kepp them coming pretty lady.

Michelle said...

I'm excited that you made it out there with the cool air, funny I never really noticed you weren't in many of the past pictures, oops.

Also great pics from the kids! I look forward to seeing your Saturdays take shape this year. You should do a Mr Linky on this?

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling of not wanting to be in the pictures!! I always hope I don't really look like that!! Having a family protrait taken is a good idea though, we try to do it once a year and for some reason I always look more acceptable in the photos taken by a professional. Hope you have a great year!!