Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear God, It's Me, Lisa...

Hello my sweet Lisa.

Hi Lord, Oh I really need you today.

Oh Lisa, you really need Me everyday. What is it today my sweet daughter.

Well, where do I begin. Life was going great and then boom...illness strikes. It seems when it rains it pours. Kyle, Brendan and Shane are all struggling (at the same time) with high temperatures, bronchitis, stuffy noses and the whole upper respiratory thing. Everyone wants to be near me and needs me at the same time. My car has left me (and my children) stranded three times this week, Mike's Mom was admitted to the hospital again on Monday morning and....

Ok, Ok...come here my child. Come and just lay your head on my lap, will you? You know, I know all of this right? You know that I'm in control don't you? Now I also know that you are under the weather too and feverish as well. I know that it is exhausting trying to care for everyone especially when you feel like your head is going to explode and you have absolutely no energy. I also know you are anxiously awaiting your women's retreat this coming weekend and do not want to miss it for anything. Keep talking my sweet as I just stroke your hair.

Oh Father, that feels so good...peaceful...thank you. I do know that you understand and know all things. I also know that you are ever present in my life. Have you seen how Kyle has been lately? I don't know what to do for that child. When he is not well, sometimes, the whole world suffers. Lord, please give him some relief from his sickness so he can find his joy again.

Oh Lisa, you and I have gone down this road many times haven't we? Trust and thankfulness will get you safely through this day. Trust protects you from worrying and obsessing. Thankfulness keeps you from criticizing and complaining. Keeping your eyes on Me is the same thing as trusting Me. It is a free choice that you must make thousands of times daily.

I know Lord. I feel like this whole year I've been in Trust Training Camp. Some days I feel like it is my time to graduate, and then there are those time.... I know that the more I choose to trust You, the easier it becomes. It is as if thought patterns of trust become etched into my brain.

That is exactly how it is. Relegate troubles to the periphery of your mind, so that I can be central in your thoughts. Thus you focus on Me, entrusting your concerns into my care.

I always feel so much better after we spend time together. Thank you Lord for refreshing me. Thank you for loving me and loving on me too!

It is one of my favorite parts of my day Lisa, when you come to me and lay your head on my lap and let my love wash over you. Really, this is all you need, it is when I impart my strength to you. For when you are weak, I am strong. Now, your treasure of a husband is home. I have placed him in your life to be my hands and feet for you, to minister to you and allow you earthly rest. Enjoy this time. Go lie down and rest. I will continue to pour out my blessing upon you and your family. Don't you worry for even a moment my love, I have it all under control. Rest now.

Thank you Abba! I can't wait to spend some more time with you....maybe tonight, when everyone else is asleep! I love you!


Momma-of-5 said...

I love your honesty...and they way you've put this! Somehow, my conversations with God seem to be a bit more one-sided. I think maybe I need to sit and listen a bit more. Thanks for the reminder!

Allison said...

So made me want to lay at his feet too...right now! It's like I could hear his voice...over the dryer!

Amanda said...

Yes I loved this, and yes the conversation is wonderful the speech in this is just soemthing sweet to my heart. That Jesus talks to us this way and loves us this deep is so powerful! THANK YOU LOVED IT, the best so far!
Keep doing it!

Jeanette said...

This was beautiful and SOOOO what I needed to hear! Thank you! I stopped by a while ago and you are bookmarked in my favorites. I'll be back if you don't mind. I really loved this post. Have a wonderful women's retreat. They are ALWAYS so refreshing!

Angie said...

Lisa----I came by here from Ann of Holy Experience===from her "1000 Gifts Gratitude page. Your blog sounded interesting. I absolutely love what you have written. The conversation with God.
If we could only keep that type of perspective. What a difference it would make in our days :)

Be blessed!

tessahjake said...

Thank you for your heartfelt and uplifting comments about my dad. It means a lot,

Michelle said...

Refinement is hard and you expressed your conversation with God so beautifully and so peacefully. I can't think of a better place to be in those times than in his arms/lap/embrace.