Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Game Family

Sacred Saturday (or Sunday) was so much fun! Ever since Mike and I met, we have always loved games. I am passionate about playing games! Ask anyone! Here is some of the fun we had as a family!

This is the Guess What I Am game. This is a hoot. It is kind of like the Guess Who game where you have to ask elimination questions. It is fun for all ages...believe me...we laughed hard!

However, this one takes the cake. By far one of my favorite games to play with my family! It was Kyle, Shane and myself against, Mike and Brendan....we was a blast!
We ended with one round of Jenga and then outside for some more fun! All in all...mission accomplished...we laughed hard and enjoyed being with each other all the while making memories!

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Michelle said...

What a blast! We hit the Orlando Greek fest and had a ball, just finishd a post on it! Thanks for the tip!