Thursday, February 5, 2009

He Has Lived Through 10 Decades!

While my friend over here was celebrating the life of her 2 year old miracle, we were celebrating our 91 year old miracle, my husband's grandfather...Pop! Indeed he has lived through 10 decades. He was born February 3, 1918. Pretty impressive...more impressive is his memory of those days. As difficult as it can be caring for an elderly person sometimes, it is very rewarding as well. There are times that I cry because the weight of the task along with homeschooling my sons feels impossible. However, my boys are blessed beyond words to have an opportunity to live with the Great Grandfather...not too many boys can say that! Pop's health is amazing, all things considered. I can only hope someday, if I live to be 91 that my body would be in such shape. We do some physical therapy 2-3 times a day and I try to help him with his checkbook and I schedule and take him on all his doctor appointments as well as weekly trips to the store. His short term memory is not good at all, but he can tell great stories of his past...over and over and over again. We laugh because, many people can't stand to hear the same stories over again, I just feel like we are a great fit...I always say, young children love repetition! I am indeed thankful for opportunity to honor Pop in every way I can. He has been a blessing to my husband and I in so many ways. We love you Pop!

With Shane's help, we baked a homemade chocolate cake and I made homemade General Tso's Chicken for dinner, again from scratch. It was yummy! It disappeared so quickly I was unable to get a picture of the meal, but here is the dessert!

Prior to his birthday I asked Pop what he would like, he told me if he could he would go to Hawaii. Well, this Saturday, (we will save our Sacred Saturday for Sunday) we are going to have a Hawaiian Party right here at our home. We have already purchased the ingredients for some authentic Polynesian food and we've invited the entire family for a feast. So, stay tuned. We have lots of feasts coming up. Tomorrow, we are having a Greek Feast here at the house for some homeschool friends. We will be hosting a symposium, a pentathlon, and a Greek food feast! Lots of excitement.....never dull!

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