Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Still Do

December 15, 1990 was the day we took our vows. However, the day I saw you standing on the stage, leading worship and teaching at the little church by campus, I remember saying...I want to marry someone just like Mike Engel.

The day we walked around Indianapolis and it was snowing, and you sat on the curb and cried while you shared your love for Jesus with me...that is the day I fell in love with you. I went home from that retreat and told my Dad, I think I might really be in love. I fell in love with your heart. Your heart for Christ, your heart for the lost and your heart and love for your family. How could there possibly be a man like this on earth? And how could I be the one he has eyes for?

Pinch me! I still feel that way.

You have always put me in a place of honor and have always loved me unconditionally. We have endured so much. Though we only dated (including our engagement) for 10 months you have walked beside me and at time have carried me through some extreme times. We walked through the death of my father and the death of our dreams for 10 years of infertility and 14 babies lost. We've walked through several diagnosis, for me, you, our parents and our son. We journeyed (and still are) through raising a special needs child. We've walked through caring for an Alzheimer's grand father and the death of your Mom.We've survived slander and lies. We've had to endure the pain of watching our son suffer. We've walked through times of great need and loss. Through it all...we've held on tight, we've never wavered. We've cherished the gifts God gave us in each other and we've never lost sight of Him.

We've maintained a heart of Hope! We've kept smiles on our face because of the joy set in our hearts the day we committed our lives to Christ and then again at the altar when we vowed to encourage one another in Christ! We've seen miracles of healing, love and mended relationships. We've witnessed the Mighty hand of God protect us and lift us up. We've have been a part of modern day miracles, lived on 5 loaves and 2 fish, seen the bounty of the Lord! We have together watched the almighty God of the universe put food on our table, open doors that seemed to be bolted shut, and demolish giants that could have done serious damage! And that has only been the past 21 years!

I look forward to growing older with you and spending eternity with you. Heaven is in our hearts! Make no mistake, we will continue to endure and experience so much more than what is written above, but that only makes me smile. I couldn't think of enduring or joyfully experiencing any of that without you by my side! Thank you my love! 21 years ago I said those words..."I Do!"...well, I still do! I look forward with joy in my heart to walking through the next leg of our journey together...hand in hand!

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