Saturday, December 31, 2011

Florida's Little Mountain

For our 21st wedding anniversary, my precious friend took my children overnight (the first time we've ever been alone in our home..just the two of us). I volunteered to watch other people's children that night (I know what you're thinking..but it is the only way I can raise money for all 3 of my children to go to church camp...its gonna cost around $900 to send all three), so we decided to take advantage of the next day and have a day trip. I love Mt. Dora. I've been there with girlfriends, and it has been lovely, but really, I always have the best time with my best friend in the world...Mr. Incredible!
Ironically enough, Mike and I use to vacation in Vermont every year before we had children. We love the mountains. At an elevation of 184 feet above sea level, Mount Dora is Florida’s equivalent of a mountain top town. Isn't that just cute! We'll take what we can!
It is really one of the most relaxing day trips ever! Just walking around taking in all of God's beauty.
Looking in quaint little antique shops. Eating at our favorite restaurants. Taking time to sit on the grass and enjoy each other's company. We talked about our past 21 years together, what we've done right and how we can improve...not only our marriage, but our walk with the Lord. We encourage each other in the faith.
Taking time to really enjoy this man I married so long ago. I'm so grateful for our day away.
We totally would have taken a plane ride if we had money to spare...$50! lol! We've been in a helicopter before, over the Adirondacks, so we could pass.
I did manage to get a little gift for Shane for his stocking and I bought a cute little hat!
In the end we had one of the most special day's of the year. After not being able to do this at all for the past few years, we try to soak in every second of time spent together, away from home.

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Michelle said...

What a great way to celebrate your anniverary, certainly not Vermont but beautiful none-the-less. The ice cream looks yummy, I'm gonna go get myself some :)