Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Paradigm Shift

"Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you." Psalm 9:10

Last night was an important night for two brothers. Kyle & Brendan go to "Grapple", it is a church ministry for pre-teens where they "grapple" with questions concerning, themselves, God, the Bible. My boys love it! Apparently last night was on kindness. So I get into the car to bring them home and Brendan says this: "Tonight there were some new boys that were making fun of Kyle and telling him to shut up. So during big group time I went up to them and told them to go easy on Kyle, he's my brother and he has special needs." Kyle looked over at me in the car and said this: "Brendan was really being kind Mom. I'm thankful for him and he helped me, those kids were kind to me after that. I'm glad Brendan and I are brothers."

It is not always easy having a special needs child in your life. Most of the time, it is impossible for anyone to see Kyle's issues. However, when you are with him all the time, you can totally see differences. Brendan is a quiet, shy kid, kind of smart, and a rule follower. He doesn't like to make waves. This was a big step for him. I could not be more proud of both my boys. Kyle is understanding that sometimes being "funny" doesn't always make friends, just be Kyle is what we always tell him.

So this morning during devotions I took some time to allow us all to relfect on things we are thankful for. You see I am convinced that when we practice trusting and thanking the Lord throughout the day, He has an open channel through which His Peace can flow into us. Not to mention that thankfulness totally lifts us up above our circumstances, and my boys are living a very unusal circumstance with a grandfather that has Alzheimer's.

So I know that the Lord can do great things through people with grateful, trusting hearts and I want to foster that in my family. Where is the paradigm shift that is going to revolutionize our lives? It is in this simple remedy: Instead of planning and evaluation, practice trusting and thanking Him continually! Let's give it a try!

What are you thankful for this morning? Allow me the indulgence of recording what was spoken through hearts of all sizes in my living room this morning:

I'm thankful for...

Brendan: My family, my Bible, the rain - God's way of helping the fire, my pets, homeschooling, my friends, a great church.

Kyle: My brothers, my Mom & Dad, Pop is still here, all our friends, Jesus is my friend too, my life.

Shane: My family, homeschooling, snuggle buggles in the night and morning, my Mom & Dad, Dodger, rainbows, Jesus loves me, all the surprise blessings all the time.

Me: My precious gifts..moments like these with the my little arrows!


Michelle said...

I am thankful for: my granddaughter, God's grace and mercy, endurance, my husband Stephan and the different types of clouds :)

Caroline said...

I am thankful for:
My God that watches over my children and I everyday, every moment; friends in my life that through their presence or words, make me a better person and strive to live a life more pleasing to Him; my church that I have attended for about 13 years and became a member of almost a year ago; having my Mother here with us still. Thank you Lisa for sharing your life so selflessly for your words are truly an inspiration!