Monday, March 14, 2011

Felt My Eyes Start To Smile

It is no big surprise that I've been tired lately. For a little over a year now. It started back in April of 2009...I'm not going to go into the details, but trust me when I tell you that the Enemy of my soul has sought to eat me alive several times since then. There have been moments when I could smell his breath...and wanted to vomit (not literally, I'm being poetic here...but you get the idea!) However, I know, and have been confirmed by Godly people in my life that when you serve God, love people, try hard to follow His Word, and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to others...well, as my pastor just put it very plainly to me a few weeks ago..."Lisa, you have a bright big red target painted right on your head and heart!"

Needless to say, I noticed at the end of 2010 that in every picture of myself for that entire eyes looked weary. Along with all that "spiritual warfare" going on, I also have the Pop factor in my life...which leaves me physically exhausted and sleep deprived, not to mention homeschooling 3 different levels of children and being a Mom and wife. Ok...I better move on before I need some coffee. So, I prayed that 2011 you would start to see a change in my eyes.

I really believe that time away with my family is vitally important. I get about 31 phone calls a week regarding just church or ministry. (I know this because my husband kept track one week) ;P I would say that I meet one on one with people about 10 times a week...some consistently, others randomly. So you see, I need to learn how to balance all of this. Time away from my home is important. Time away with my family is extra special...their love rejuvenates me I think. (I kow I need some time with just my man too...that will happen one of these days)

So that is why we are trying to make a priority of "Making Moments for Memories." Here is what we did last week. (Our time is very limited as Pop is only in respite for a few hours 2 times a week.)

Here is my husband at our destination....Riverbreeze Park in Oak Hill, FL. This man is one of my biggest heroes of all time! He is an absolutely amazing man and I am eternally grateful for the gift he is to me and my boys. What an example!

We started our morning off at Bob Evans for breakfast! It was a blast...and it was under $20 (fit right into our budget!) My boys were so polite and well behaved and just precious...they really blessed the waitress. She said she had been doing this job for almost 30 years and have never met more well behaved boys in all of her waiting tables. She couldn't say enough. I was so glad because we don't get to go out to eat..(hardly ever)..very often at all. So you just never know!

However, they were as precious as ever...we just laughed and shared a simple breakfast together!
Here is Kyle spinning at the playground at Riverbreeze. I wonder how long that will last? Boys playing on the playground equipment. I cherish those moments.

Of course we brought Dodger..because we want to include him as much as we can on our family days. He is so used to us being around....and we..just love him! Every time we go on a hike/walk we find interesting stuff to talk about. Nature is one of my husband's it has rubbed off on all of us.
But, then we got a huge surprise...our adopted Grandma from Michigan Carla Sellars rode her bike over and played with the boys for a little...then we ended up at her home for a quick ride on her golf cart around her development. The boys absolutely adore her...and she you can tell.
You see, I think my eyes are starting to smile in this picture. A little bit. They still look somewhat tired, but it is an improvement. It helps to be around those you love and those who love you back. Totally grateful for friends like family, and the 4 most precious men in my life!

So that is it...until our next adventure...I wonder what we'll do the next time we catch a moment for making memories?


Michelle said...

I look forward to your next memory making moment.

What a wonderful day you had- breakfast out and then a park!! Sounds like a great day to me. I pray 2011 will be a more restful year for you. And... 31 calls or not I will still call you when I feel the prompting and - saying this in my Jedi master voice, while waving my Jedi hand in fron of your face "you will still enjoy my voice on the other end of teh phone"--- that was a jedi mind trick btw, hehe

I so look forward to seeing you this Wednesday!

Doris said...

Lisa, I so enjoy reading about your family adventures. Happy to know your eyes are getting their smile back! Of course, you notice that more than we do. To me your whole face smiles :) Glad you had this wonderful day of memories to cherish. You're so right, they grow out of that playground equipment way to fast :)