Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Refreshing Moment For Sure

Treats? Did you bring treats?

"There are moments when our hearts nearly burst within us for the sheer joy of being alive. The first sight of our newborn babies, the warmth of love in another's eyes, the fresh scent of rain on a hot summer's eve--moments like these renew in us a heartfelt appreciation for life." -Gwen Weising

We haven't had a family moment since December. For those that are new to my blog, my husband is the full time caregiver for his 93 year old grandfather (who suffers from advance stage Alzheimer's/Dementia. Since we all live together, and he is unable to left alone for even a moment, we don't get much time away from our home as a family. So, the only time we get is when Pop goes to respite care two days of the week - from 9am - 2:30pm. One of those days I must school my children, the other day is like our Saturday - and we have entitled those precious and rare moments...Moments For Memories.
We took Dodger and made our way to Spruce Creek Park. We really only had 1.5 we quickly took to the back trails and we tried to get lost in the moment!

As I watched my family walk out in front of me, I got a little choked up. I really really need these little escapes (actually, I can go for longer time, really my heart cries for a little camping trip or a trip back here...but who knows when we can get someone to watch Pop for a night.) Gone are date nights (and since I homeschool, date days..well that is a little challenging) lol! So I love these precious little moments.

Kyle likes to take it all in too! He is my straggler..that is the reason I lag behind the rest of the family. However, he is back there thinking.."Mom, wouldn't it be great if a tornado came through here right now and all we had was each other?"...Well, that might be a little scary, but I know the feeling..what would it be like to just be able to do something spontaneous..together as a family? I think we all crave it.

So we make sure we relax and laugh as much as we can! It was a totally wonderful day/few moments together!

The truth is, I love hanging with my men! All of them, even Dodger!

I'm thankful for the gift my family is to me (corny as it sounds, we often refer to each other as gifts). We don't really need big vacations (although I'm not saying it wouldn't be we dream)...we really just love being together, away from the house, just the five of us sometimes.

Mike had to pick up Pop so we of course took separate cars...the boys and I stopped at our favorite ice cream place to have a sweet refreshing ending to our Sweet Refreshing Memory Making Moment together!

To all of my friends up north...these are the only kinds of Blizzards we see since we moved to Florida!

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Aleatha said...

DQ loves our four legged kids too. They give free ice cream to the pups. Just incase you didn't know. :)