Saturday, February 19, 2011

February is Full of Friendships and Birthdays!

Seriously, besides my friends Amy Dinardi and Linda Bradley, our Pop and Mike's Mom (my mother-in-law) were all born in February too. Less important people like, Rosa Parks, Charles Lindbergh, Norman Rockwell, Tom Brokaw, Ronald Reagan, Charles Dickens, Ted Koppel, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Sarah Palin and George Stephanopoulos (everyone needs to know that huh?) There are a ton more....but as I said...we had a very busy month celebrating the ones at the very top of the list. Amy and Linda are at the Houes of Blues in Downtown Disney for a little celebration.

One of the many things we are rich in are friendships. I'm so thankful for the people that the Lord has placed in my life. Every single one I meet, hold a special place in my heart. This happens to be a special birthday for my sister/friend Linda...after all, one doesn't turn 50 but only once!
My "loving" husband thought it might be "kind" of him to help Linda in with a wheelchair. I just have to say, payback may be fun...he is only 4 short years away from that himself!
Notice my Shane in his usual stance! What is with that boy? Also notice what Linda is holding in her hands...that would be our Love & Respect Bible Study notebooks. We are doing this study together as two couples every Sunday night and we have laughed and cried and really have been learning so much!
OH...this is my sweet Charlotte! She just blesses my socks right off! This girl who was born on the last day of!! has recently come into my life and stole my heart. She is a precious jewel and is learning to shine for Jesus every single day! Twenty five years old and very mature in so many ways. She has walked a long hard road in your young years, but the Lord has taken her so far and He is not finished with her yet! She has a destiny...and I for one can't wait to see what the Lord is going to do with my sweet friend. I just love her! Here we are at A Shore Thing...a little place on our beach right here in New Smyrna...that is all about New Jersey. Go figure. So thoughtful she was to bring me here...very intentional...and very fun!

Then here is my precious Katie Henry! Again, I love her with all of my heart. Like the younger sister I never had! Again, a woman after God's own heart she is....and she may be young, but Katie is another very mature beautiful woman that the Lord is working hard in her life...molding her into an amazing, world changing beautiful woman! I am blessed to call her friend.
I organized a trip to Downtown Disney to celebrate some birthdays and the completion of our Beautiful You Luncheon (more on that later)! Here are some memories made on that evening!

I thought with that face in the middle, no one would notice my very tired/exhausted look on my face! Susan is my newest precious friend. She and I have really bonded in the past few months. I am blessed to call her sister! We tell each other all the time that we hang together because it is good for our every way! ;)

Here we are "goofing" off! We had so much fun laughing that will be one we remember for always!

Finally, loving my February outings with infinity and beyond!


Michelle said...

What a fun month of b-days and a neat group of friends. How blessed you are!

Charlotte said...

Oh Lisa how I love you too! I am so thankful and privileged to call you friend and sister! xoxo Glory to God!

Charlotte said...

Oh Lisa I love you too sweet sister and dear friend! It is a privilege to have you in my life!