Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beautiful You

One of our most beautiful events in Women's Ministry to date (at our church) has to be this past Beautiful You Luncheon that we just had last weekend (February 12, 2011).

Over 180 women filled that room on this day, but for me, the best part I would have to say was Friday night as the women poured in to decorate their tables.

Here are just a few pictures...there were 30 it would be impossible to view them all. Please feel free to view our Facebook album by clicking here.

What impressed me so much, aside from the obvious talent that so many women have (I must have been absent that day this particular talent was being given out...because I don't think I have it in me at all! lol!!), was that every table had a story. I had the honor of being there on Friday night and talking to all of the hostesses. There were stories all over the spectrum, from women in their 20's wanting to make this special for the ladies around their tables, adding special little gifts for each woman, very thought out, very intentional. Then there were those in their 30s - 40s, making tables that spoke to friend set a table like she sets every night at her house...that just made me want to go to her house and have dinner! Another woman wanted her guests to feel warm and relaxed, like a day on the beach.

Then there were women that never have the opportunity to do something like this, because their house doesn't lend to this kind of decor, they had so much fun thinking about it and making it very special.

There were women who told me that they their dishes from when they were so young and hardly ever get to use them...they were so excited to share their decor as well as a little piece of themselves.

What was most awe inspiring was that ministry and love was demonstrated at each and every single table. It just made me want to cry..happy tears of course!

Then of course the event itself, was totally purposed and planned by the Lord. Our Pastor's wives did an amazing job. Each one expressing His story in their lives and encouraging us to take what the Lord has written in our lives and use it for His Glory!
It was a beautiful afternoon...we will be doing this again next February...I don't know, maybe I'll do a table. What would I decorate it as? What are my interests? Can their be a library theme or a book theme? I don't know...I have a year to figure it out, or maybe I'll just go as a guest again...who knows.

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Allison Reynolds said...

So beautiful! I loved catching a glimpse...