Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pink & Blue

I listened to the intro to this Marriage Conference last night. It is called Love & Respect by Emerson Eggeriches and his wife. It was so good! I want to listen to the whole conference now. He talked about how women see through pink shaded glasses and men see through blue shaded glasses. That everything we see we filter through those "shaded" lenses. Not only that, but we hear with pink hearing aids and we speak through pink megaphones. Of course, men hear with blue hearing aids and speak through blue megaphones. That is why we can say one thing to our man and he totally hears something else, but when we talk to our girlfriends they completely understand. I'm not going to go into all the details of his research, but suffice to say I think he has something here.

For example when a we as women go looking through our closets and drawers and say something like "I don't have anything to wear!" Men hear this (through their blue hearing aids) and think "What, you have two walk-in closets full of clothes, what are you talking about?" However, when women who also speak through pink megaphones and hear through pink hearing aids hears another woman say that very thing, they say.."Me either...come on let's go shopping!" Because really, what women are saying is that we have nothing new to wear! In the same way, if a man were to say that same thing "I don't have anything to wear!" to other men listening with their blue hearing aids...they respond by saying, "She's not doing your laundry either huh?" See, men say they have nothing to wear because they have nothing clean to wear. The whole idea is that men & women communicate so differently, not incorrectly, but differently. We have to learn to decode. He gave so many great examples, Mike and I were cracking up!

I found the picture above, because I was thinking, if women wear pink glasses, speak through pink megaphones and hear with pink hearing aids, and men wear blue glasses, speak through blue megaphones and hear with blue hearing aids, why is it that my boys at times don't understand what either my husband or I am saying. I think they will eventually have blue glasses, blue megaphones and blue hearing aids; but right now in their life, I think they have green! This is my own theory mind you. Not at all part of the Love & Respect book! I just find it funny that they speak a language of their own, have very special selective hearing and they too see things just a little differently.

Anyway, just food for thought! I love my boys, their uniqueness and their charm! They make our parenting journey so much fun!

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Allison Reynolds said...

This book revolutionized my marriage this year. Great words!