Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oops What Happened To October & November?

Let's start on Kyle's last day of public school....October 31st. Above you can see them in their costumes for our Harvest Party at church. Shane is a cowboy (he wants to be a Cowboy Math Teacher when he grows up), Brendan is Albert Einstein (he as markers in his pocket with E=MC2 on his jacket - of course he wants to be a scientist when he grows up) and then there is Kyle the Lenni Lenapi Indian (he wants to be a zoo keeper when he grows up, but that doesn't require paint of his face so he opted for the Indian!)

November brought lots of field trips and park days and nature walks with friends! (shhh... I think that is going to be my Christmas card picture...yes even with that pesky straw hanging in front of Kyle's face.)
The birds cracked me up! We were covered in them. Shane did not like it at all....Kyle loved it...Brendan liked it too, but he was sure to cover his head!

Our great homeschool buddies. We do a lot of our homeschooling with them. We live a few streets away and I just love their Mommy!! I am so grateful to have such a wonderful friend in Aleatha...God place us in each other's lives on purpose!! We see each other at least twice a week and I love it!!
Here is my boy...he just had to read ahead!! In that book Kyle was reading...these two boys shot a BB gun and missed their target...so we went to our friend's property and learned to shoot a BB gun! Kyle, Brendan and Shane all hit the target...do you see that L there...that would be me! So proud!

It's Mario and Mario....a little too much Nintendo influence! HA!
Ahhh...Dinner with our small group! Don't look too closely at our food...this was so not WW friendly. Mike and Elinor made an amazing dinner of lasagna and homemade meatballs!!

So, this is why I am homeschooling him now! This is my Kyle...the one that we missed so much! The happy Kyle!

This past month we did a lot of hiking and bird watching! Oh this trip was the first time I ever used a portable potty too. Not an experience I ever want to repeat! UGH!

Lots of park hopping! We have to get that energy out!!!

Oh yea...and we finally did a 550 piece puzzle together in just 4 days! I was so impressed...my boys absolutely loved doing this. Believe it or not...not one piece was missing! We can't wait to do our next! We've been studying birds in our Science curriculum and there are at least 4 species in this puzzle!

So that should catch you up quickly. So much more happened...so many wonderful surprises! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our family in Jacksonville and now we are ushering in Christmas! Lord, please help it to slow down a bit!


Aleatha said...

I love you!! Thank you so much for walking/running this road with me.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you. Looks like fun around you! Enjoy! - Michelle

mariki said...

Evidence of GREAT times together!

And so glad about "happy Kyle"!