Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Best Way To Celebrate...

is with friends! We had our annual anniversary date night with our dearest friends the Bradleys! We are so grateful to the Lord for placing them in our lives. We have been friends for a few years, and these past two years our friendships have just flourished! Mike and I count Don and Linda as family and seriously, when we talked about what to do for our anniversary we didn't have to think but a moment...we wanted to double date with the Bradleys!

So I wanted to show this year and last years pictures, (let's be is mainly because I'm proud of the fact that I am 57 lbs. lighter this year!) well, because you know, I love tradition!! ;0)
This is us last year!

I find it so funny that we sit in the same spots. Do we always sit that way? I guess so! Oh..and the scarf...that cracks me up! I have got to ditch the scarf next year. But, it was very cold (you know in the 60s) both times!
Then it is as if we don't ever get Starbucks! HA! I can't help it! That is what happens when your husband worked for the company for 8 years! This is Mike and I last year:

Ahhh...after 19 years we are still drinking coffee together!
Before we left for our night out...Pop (our almost 92 year old grandfather) says to me..."Wow, 19 years, you don't look old enough to have been married for 19 years!" That made me feel so good, doubled with the fact that since I homeschool all of my children, a night out with adults is SOOO couldn't wipe that smile away if you tried!

So what do two middle aged couples who are not into drinking or "partying" do when they get a chance to go out (and they live in Volusia County Florida)? They go out to dinner, have coffee and sit in the driveway and talk for two hours. (Hey, the alternative would been to go to Walmart!) We had such a wonderful evening! Thank you Don and Linda for celebrating with us again this year! So, we are on for next year right? I can't wait to see the pictures!


Allison Reynolds said...

Many blessings in the years to come!

mariki said...

Yes, the Lord's richest!

Can we EVER thank Him enough for the blessing of a soul mate...and "framily" -- (friends who became family).

And isn't it just great how far you've come with the weight-loss-war.
Cheering you on!