Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Race Day Is Just Around The Corner!

I have been training for a few months now for my first 5K. I remember my first day out I thought I was going to die! Just up and down my street in a half hour. That was probably 1.5 miles. Twenty pounds lighter (a total of 40 lbs. since I joined Weight Watchers in January) I now go every morning (except Wednesdays) and walk/run this route: The Causeways

Do me a favor and click where it says hybrid and zoom in just a bit so you can appreciate how beautiful it is! It is a little over 4 miles long and when I go about 6:00am in the morning it is so beautiful to see the sun rise. I have been walking it with a new friend and she and I have just been having such great mornings sharing our testimony and giving glory to God. When I say it has been good for my body and my soul, I really mean it!

I have been training on the flat land of my neighborhood for so long, that since I have switched to bridges with an incline, my feet are not happy! Blisters!! Nice big blisters right under my big toes! (my cute little tan toes with pink polish...remember those from a few blogs back! -- very sore now!) This is mainly the reason why I needed a rest today. I'll be back on the bridges tomorrow with moleskin in my sneakers!

So next week, I am off to St. Augustine for the New Bridge of Lions! I am totally excited and exhilarated. I kind of wish it was a little bit earlier, because it gets very very hot in Florida after the sun rises, but I am prepared to sweat! My race begins at 7:30am. I will be going up the night before with my friend Lorrie and my husband and children will drive a little over an hour to get there before I cross the finish line! I told my husband he needs to have the camera in hand and ready! So any runners out there have any advice for a newbie...bring it on!

This weekend Mike & I are headed to Universal Studios. We received two FREE tickets! I LOVE FREE! So we are going...prepared to stand in line forever....(without having Kyle we have to wait like everyone else!). It will be our first time to Universal (we are Disney people), but this is very's a date for just the two of us! Thank you to my dear friend Katie who offered to watch all of my boys all day! We are headed to Emeirl Legasse's Tchoup Chop for dinner (this will Mike's early birthday gift!) and a once in a lifetime treat!

Fun times are certainly ahead!

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Marisa said...

Oh! I use to be a distance runner before my kids. I have really tried to get back into it, but 6 a.m. comes so soon and my knees aren't what they used to be. How I miss it! Good luck!

A tip I learned when I ran my marathon is to keep a piece of gum in your mouth to keep it moist. Another tip is to cut a straw in half and tuck it into your waistband- a little gross, I know. When you pick up water they have set out for you, you can just place the straw in the cup and pinch the cup around the straw. It allows you to keep running and you don't choke on the water because it's not sloshing up in your face from your momentum. I always use to choke on the water before I learned this trick. Invaluable!