Monday, July 6, 2009

Enjoying Our Independence...

...while we still have it! Oh, just kidding (kind of )! I'm not going to get political, I just want to report that my family had a wonderful 4th of July with friends who have become like family to us! Dinner made by all of us...Dinardis (minus Dave...he was busy protecting Daytona Beach as one of their finest!), Bradleys & Engels (plus Pop)..traditional fare...burgers, hot dogs, potatoe salad, deviled eggs, veggies & dip, chips, watermelon, strawberry shortcake and chocolate strawberry trifle. Getting hungry?
Afterwards we head over to Bethune Beach..looks like our very own private beach huh?
The kids and I did this...until we felt like it might be feeding time for the sharks!

Then night fell and it was amazing. Fireworks everywhere! Right over our heads, all along the beach. It was like a private showing! I felt very patriotic and so excited about celebrating with our friends. Below is Elinor and I! She is sporting a very cool glow stick!

My camera cracks me up. When you shoot an evening picture you cannot see through the lens so I'm constantly cutting of heads! Here we are..Amy, myself and Linda! Between our families we have 9 children! I love it!
Don and Mike...good friends! No better way to spend the 4th (we missed our Mr. Dave though)
Enjoying the front seat view of all the fireworks. There was a lot of looking this way and then turning around and looking behind us too! It was fun!
And now, finally....our National Anthem sung by Amelia Bradely and Gabi Denardi!
Happy Birthday America!

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Whitney said...

That looks like a blast! We missed fireworks this year so it didn't quite seem like the 4th. I love you guys!