Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm Glad You Married That Girl!

I haven't done this in awhile. Quote my kids! It is fun every once in awhile to just jot down what comes out of their sweet little mouths. Here are a few:

Kyle: Mommy, I love you so much ::Kiss:: You are married already huh?

Me: Yes Kyle, I'm married to your Daddy. If I had known there would be a you and I was born when you were born, I would certainly have married you!

Kyle: Well, it's okay Mom, I'm glad you married Daddy...he's a great did a great job Mommy. ::Dad walks in:: Dad, are you glad Mom married you?

Dad: Absolutely!

Kyle: I'm so glad you married that girl! She is such a great girl and Mom...she is great at being both! Good choices guys!

Mom & Dad: Thank you close your eyes and lips...its time for bed!

I'm on the phone with a friend...(I guess I had to make several calls that day)...enters Shane:

Shane: ::eyes roll:: Oh my gosh Mom are you calling the whole universe today?!

Kyle talking to his Meme:

Kyle: I am best friends with my brothers. But Brendan is my bestest friend because we go all the way back to the belly days when we were babies!

Brendan: time in Mommy's belly, I remember eating chocolate cake...Kyle and I fought over that...remember Mom?

Indeed I do remember that only time I ate cake in my pregnancy..and those babies had a war in my womb! Fun memories!


Barclay 5 said...

Fun! I love what comes from the mouths of our babes.
How's the running? I think I want to train with you, just for fun, no race in July for me. Can you send me your schedule? I have been spinning like a mad woman, but would like to mix-in some running. Love to you! XO

Anonymous said...

Very funny and cute! Thanks for the chuckle! :)