Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh Thank You Lord!

I laughed when I read this post (reading my old blogs has been a blast!)....I remembered this day so well! This was written in June of 2007. Life has changed quite a bit since two years ago. There is definately a benefit to journaling...if for nothing else to see that things to get easier. I do not have days like this very often anymore...probably because children do get a little older (when this was written my kids were 5, 5, 3 or just turning 6, 6, 4). Rereading this was like when the Ghost of Christmas Past took Ebenezer Scrooge looking into his past, except it just made me realize that it does get when I'm having crazy days now, I can remember the day and feel so much better! Enjoy!

This was entitled "A Day In The Life..."

Regarding my last blog post, one of my dear friends says to me "welcome to the insanity". I have lived there since my third son was born - (two 2-year olds and a newborn). Insanity is not new to me. Allow me to welcome you into my home for just a moment. It is 11:30 am today - Friday! It started off wonderfully, 8:30am - we watched a woman give birth - yea I know odd for my age children (no gross parts I promise) - but it was amazing. 9:00 we were building robots, 9:30 - Kyle had to have pancakes (perfectly symetrical I might add - it has to be PERFECT!), Brendan had to have a toaster strudle (he made his own) and Shane had to have a waffle ("syrup down first and then peanut butter on the top"). So far so good, hectic but ok. 9:45am Kyle's pancakes are found to be less than perfect (well 2 out of five of them were undercooked - my bad - it happens I guess when one is in a rush making 3 different breakfasts). Oh no, then the syrup ended up on his pants and his hands. Someone call FEMA please!

10:00 started laundry as husband is out of work clothes and tomorrow is too busy of a day. 10:10 play dough time. Oh but you can't have play dough without the traditional knives, spoons, chopsticks and scissors (they have a whole bucket of cookie cutters but who wants that!). 10:11 phone rings - I talk to my friend while doing laundry, while hunting down scissors for Shane who is in desperation mode! I find scissors, hand them to child and continue to talk on phone and do put a new load of laundry into the dryer. Pop is frantically looking for the cat! Pop finds cat in my room where piles of laundry have made my room look like, well you can imagine. I go out to find out what everyone was laughing about - (after all laughter is wonderful, but can be signal of danger when you have three boys at this age). Yes. 10:30 - I scream in horror! Hang up phone. I thought my son Shane was trying to circumcise himself again as he was naked at the table with scissors in his hand looking very guilty. I looked at each of my children and they all had the guilty look. Yes, they decided to cut their hair! Fortunately, they are boys with buzz cuts anyway. However, the scissors went all the way down to the scalp of my son with the darkest head of course. So, I out comes the buzzers - I have to shave Brendan's head. I shave Brendan's head, give him a shower only to find that my water in my washer has overflown - I forgot I was filling it up when the scissor incident happened. Ok clean up hair from dining room table (Kyle is crying because he got hair in his white playdough and now it is not plain anymore), clean up laundry room. Kids are now playing superheros. It is around 11:30 and I'm putting costume on each child (except Brendan can do it himself) and of course my other ones can't decide so they keep changing. First he's a Jedi, then he is a doctor, then one is Batman, then the other wants to be Spiderman, then the other wants to be Mary -- (that is another blog)! In the meantime, I am trying to change the sheets in the house. I despise bunk beds!!! No need to say anymore on that subject. I try to get some breakfast in at about 11:45 - simple - oatmeal in the microwave. Yea! Real simple. Interruption #57, child falls off ladder in bunk bed while other is locked in the bathroom looking at the potty! Great what went into the potty. Other child needs icepack --- I rush to the fridge --- OH POOP!!! -- My oatmeal exploded everywhere all over the microwave! Yea!!! I try to clean that up when someone comes to me and says I'm hungry! OH MY GOSH!!!! I just fed all of you! It is my turn. Oh yea (thanks Lorrie), somewhere in all of this, my children decided to make themselves some chocolate milk. Brendan can handle this with a gallon of milk, but Kyle and Shane can not. So somewhere in this timetable, I had to clean up a gallon of milk off of my table and floor. That should smell yummy in a day or two.

Don't you want to leave my home now. Yea, I live here in the state of insanity. Sometimes I can take it other times it takes me. So, I am no stranger to this, I just really love the moments that are calm, wonderful and peaceful, that is why I blog about those. Who wants to remember chaos! Ok, well, that was my morning. How are you sitting down to type this.....Seriously....this has taken me about an hour to the meantime each of my children gave birth to a baby (one is an actual toy doll, the others are car and a wooden spoon). But they all had labor pains and since I'm the grandma, I had to be interupted for each birth.

Hope you enjoyed a day in the life of Lisa -- and it is only 1:00pm.

Oh yea, please don't post advice ok! Encouragement welcomed, sharing in my pain welcomed, laughing with me welcomed, even pity welcome, but advice, well I've got every book known to mankind so.....let me just look it up! :)


allison reynolds said...

This sounds like my you live here? Great read!

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missing you in the writting