Monday, January 12, 2009

I've Gave Birth to Monkeys

Well, not the monkeys above.......the monkeys below!

Yes these! Seriously, it must be a boy thing. These boys climb and jump and run all day, every day. In our tree at home...constantly...when we used to have our trampoline up....on any rope or pole you could possibly find. If you know my boys, they are just like monkeys. I didn't have a camera handy the other day when Brendan and Shane were "monkeying around" in the living room....all I heard as I was cleaning my kitchen was "OH MOM!!! THERE IS A LOT OF BLOOD!". Oh yes, in the process of Shane pretending to be Santa..looking like this...

Brendan yanked the beard out of Santa's mouth and managed to pull a "NOT LOOSE AT ALL" tooth right out of Shane's mouth. UGH! Shane, being fearless and having a freakishly high threshold for pain, simply cupped his hands under his mouth as I escorted him the the bathroom. No tears....from Shane...just Brendan (who wears his incredibly gigantic heart on his big 7-year old sleeve). Needless to say...Shane now has yet another tooth out and is $1 richer. Never a dull moment in my neck of the jungle!

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Michelle said...

Wow the tooth fairy is loaded at your place.