Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Making of an Artist

Well, I do not have an artistic bone in my body. Pretty much, if we play Pictionary together, my countries, people and animals all look alike! It's true - only my husband can guess what I'm drawing most of the time. So, one day, during Spring Break my superheros decided they were going to put together an Art Gallery/Show. We would come, (invitation only) and browse the gallery of art work, watch a show by the artists and then choose a selection of art to purchase.

Please Meet The Artists
Mind you, they are superheros, unmasked yet still trying to hide their true identity! :)

Now enjoy, as we did, the work of true talent! Mike and I are art lovers, we would visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art many times while living close to NYC. So, we can really appreciate good art! Needless to say, we purchased everything and it is now hanging in our kitchen/dining area! Amazing, truly breath taking.....

All of my superheros are talented in their own way. Art happens to be Kyle's forte! He enjoys it and is by far the one who is the most detailed as an artist. We love them all however, because it is an expression of interest for each one. The show went on and Shane, Kyle and Brendan sang their little hearts out and it reminded me of me putting on little shows for my parents when I was little. Precious, priceless moments in time!

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