Thursday, April 24, 2008

About that Science Fair!

Finally! The Science Fair pictures! Well, here is how it went down! About 30 or so homeschool students participated in this Science Fair. This was Brendan's first and mine as well. I don't remember ever being in a Science Fair. Actually, I don't remember much of elementary school - I think that part of the memory doesn't come back until I'm around 85 years old.

Well, Brendan did his experiment on "Disappearing Water" or as we adults call it - Evaporation! This happened to be a very fun experiment that we did during the course of our homeschool year and Brendan loved the final result of the experiment so he chose to do this.

We arrived nice and early to set up!

We had to follow the scientific method!
After setting up the display, the parents and siblings had to go outside and play (they had a playground - thank you Lord!!) We played for 1 1/2 hours. While Kyle, Shane, Mom and Dad played with all of the other Moms & Dads and children - the judges did their thing. They looked at each experiment and/or display and asked the children a series of questions to be sure they understood and actually did their experiment.

Can I just say - this experiment and having my child judged was excruciating for me - Not Brendan, but me! Oh, we role played and practiced and the poor kid and to write and re-write his information until it was up-to-par! UGH! This was an exhausting process. Not that I needed him to win, but I just didn't want him freezing up with all the questions or feeling nervous.

Well, he did AWESOME! Brendan is in 1st grade this year - and he came in 2nd Place in the 1st & 2nd grade category! We were so proud. Actually, I could never be a judge - every project was a winner! In fact every student got a prize so that was great!!

Here is my proud boy and his ribbon!

Here are all the winners! They are an amazing bunch of kids & I was proud of all of them!
I teach an Enrichment Class (Sign Language) on Wednesdays with some of these boys and girls and I was just beaming with pride for every one of those kids! Bravo!

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