Friday, April 11, 2008

A Baby For My Birthday

(A repost of my myspace blog)
Boy, I bet that caught your attention. What? Well, relax, I’m not having a baby! Although, I’m thinking I need to volunteer in the baby nursery at church! Yea - I’m reaching 40!

Well, I love putting my kids to bed. Mmmmm! (said like you say it when you smell homemade cookies being baked) I love laying next to each of them and letting the unwind from the business of the day! Tonight was just pure, unadulterated joy let me tell you. Well, I’m am going to tell you. Here is a portion of my conversation with Kyle. (You should know I asked the Lord to help me recall this conversation to a tee! I knew I had to journal it!)

Kyle: Tomorrow is your birthday?
Me: Yup!
Kyle: Are you so excited?
Me: I wouldn’t go straight to excited?
Kyle: Are we gonna have presents, a cake and goodie bags?
Me: Probably not. (but thinking in the back of my mind, that would have been a good idea (the goodie bag) if it weren’t so close to the giant goodie bag they just got today - Easter Baskets)!
Kyle: Well, I’m gonna make you a cake.
Me. Well, I will love it!
Kyle: I’m gonna buy you some presents Walmart!
Me: Ohhh - what will you get me?
Kyle: Well its a surprise, but I will whisper it. I’m going to get you the Little Mermaid video game, a new computer and some books.
Me: WOW! Kyle you really are so thoughtful! Those are wonderful ideas. (Other than the Little Mermaid, he knows I love the computer and love to read!)
Kyle: Yup! And I’m going to get you some candles and a new hair band with rainbows on it. Oh and this is the best one of all!
Me: What is it?
Kyle: You are going to love it!!! It’s very special! You are going to love it and and it will love you! A new baby!
Me: Wow! A new baby! How will I get a new baby?
Kyle: Well, at the store.
Me: Are you going to buy it from the store.
Kyle: Maybe Daddy will have to do it, but I’m going to call her Ola Engel and I’m going to hold her first.
Me: Kyle, you don’t really think that babies come from a store do you? I mean, remember, you grew in Mommy’s belly!
Kyle: Well, not Walmart, but a special baby store. One where only Daddies can go and buy babies to put in your belly.
Me: Wow! You know you don’t have to go through all of that trouble - I would just really love a picture that you draw for me - that’s my favorite! Besides, what am I going to do with another baby?
Kyle: You will love it and sing to it and read to it, and love it and hold it, and kiss it and sing Jesus songs to it and you will just love it, like you love me and my brothers.
Me: Kyle, I do so love you and your brothers very much.
Kyle: Yea, and then there will be 4 kids and next year on your birthday we can get another one and there will be 5.
Me: Wow! I don’t how I will raise all of these babies!
Kyle: (yawning) You know what to do!! Can you sing to me now?
Me: (start sing our Christmas medly of Silent Night, Joy To the World, O Holy Night and O Come Let us Adore Him - Ending with You are My Sunshine!)

He quickly fell asleep!

This blessed my heart. It told me that despite all of the craziness that surrounds my little son in his disability, he really gets life! He gets that I love him, and do that by singing to him, holding him, kissing him, and reading to him. And not just him, but his brothers too. And evidently he thinks I’m pretty good at it too! Wow! That is the best birthday present a Mommy could ever want! I’m totally satisfied!

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