Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lisa & Lisa

I had the amazing opportunity to spend a weekend with a good friend and sister in the Lord and to attend the Extraordinary Women's Conference! That was last weekend and I am still walking about 5 feet off of the ground!
My good friend and Extraordinary Woman!

I was encouraged, challenged and motivated! The conference was about Discovering the Dream God has for you! The Lord did an amazing work in many of the women attending this conference including my own. The speakers were incredible! Speakers like Chonda Pierce, Thelma Wells, Angela Thompson, Lisa Whelchel, Carol Kent. OH MY GOODNESS!! Oh yea, not to mention worship was INCREDIBLE!! And special concerts by my favorite - Mark Schultz and Mandisa from American Idol! Did I say WOW yet!

Ok, so I will probably blog about specific things I have learned about myself, my dreams and the Lord's dreams for my life, on other occasions. Suffice to say you should go ahead and read Jeremiah 29:11 - It's my verse - I've claimed that since, my goodness, way back when I was trying to have babies! But, it is your verse too - so go ahead and read it!

So, below is my new friend Lisa Whelchel. This first night I didn't even think to bring one of my books to have her sign, so she just said I could bring it tomorrow and we'll just take a picture.
Lisa & Lisa

Well, here we are the next day (after she gave an amazing message and an alter call that brought hundreds of women to the front to accept Christ as their savior and for prayer)!
Lisa and I have an inside joke now (I couldn't help myself)!
Oh and see I brought my book this time!
I had a wonderful time and am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with the ticket and hotel room to stay in Orlando! God is so amazingly wonderful - he knew just who needed to go! I love you Lord!

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