Wednesday, June 11, 2014

On The Day That You Were Born...

To celebrate the birth of my twins, I decided to write a blog, one devoted to each child! I will publish one today and one tomorrow. I've written about their miraculous story in the past. How, unable to get pregnant for 10 years, losing 14 babies along the way, finally, our last hope with In-vitro-ferlization, we were able to carry Kyle and Brendan to a healthy birth (albeit pre-term). I don't recall holding my babies when they were born, I was in a coma for 4 days due to postpartum hemorrhaging. But we all came home on Father's Day - about 7 days after they were born. Kyle was diagnosed with PDD-NOS an autism spectrum disorder, learning disabled and developmentally delayed. Some people criticize us for having Kyle tested, but the truth is, knowing what was going on in his world, helped us help him. Kyle is an overcomer and is perfectly created by God, fashioned and formed in my womb with a destiny and a calling upon His life! And the great part is....that he knows it!

Every year, since the year my children were born, we have only ever given them a book for their birthday. A very special book, a book that represents their interests, or significant in some way. Then we write a letter in the book, reminding them of their accomplishments and friends and milestones reached throughout the year. Finally ending it with a written prayer for their present and future. I've copied portions of my letter below, along with pictures of Kyle growing up! Enjoy!
Dear Kyle,

God has been using you in my life since before you came into this world. We loved you since you were just a little embryo. (Not too many parents can say that!) My sweet little miracle that because the doctors couldn't find your vitals, and because I had already lost 14 babies...I went to see Dr. Khoury and he found that Baby "A" did indeed have a heartbeat. Little did anyone know, just how amazing and loving and huge your heart was going to be!

Foretold in several prophetic words, that I would have "babies",  by several people...indeed God gets all the glory! Born early in the morning, 120 seconds (as you say) before your brother Brendan...I still can't believe it after all those years of one can understand the absolute elation you Dad and I felt!  Today we celebrate 13 years of your life! I cannot type this without crying. What a huge milestone! Kyle you are fun, funny and very unique. You have overcome so many obstacles in 13 years, we couldn't be more proud to call you son!

Your Dad and I love you more than words could ever do justice! Thank you Kyle, for making us laugh, for seeing the world differently and for enjoying even the simplest of things with great magnitude! This particular year, life has thrown you some serious curve balls. You have had to learn very difficult and painful lessons, but watching you grow from each one, and rely on God...honestly, I think it was me who learned the most!

Not everyone gets what an incredible friend you can be. The way you LOVE people Kyle is inspirational! Thank you for trusting God with your heart! Thank you for allowing God to work through you. What 13 year old, get out of bed, night after night, to pray for their parents. The words you have prayed over me specifically, Kyle, have ministered to my heart in more ways than you will ever know! I love doing this journey with you Kyle! You have gifts that God gave you and you are not afraid to use them!

Homeschooling you may have been one of the biggest steps of faith that I have ever taken, but it certainly has come with some of the most enormous rewards! Thank you for being patient with me as I learned to step out of the is a joy to walk on water with you every single day!

Lord, please continue to work in Kyle's life. May this year he grow closer to you than ever before. These next few years in Kyle's development Lord, we just ask that you guide him, give him the wisdom of Solomon, wisdom beyond his years and experience! Direct his steps Lord. I pray for his future wife, that she would love the Lord above all else! That she would desire to please God and likewise be a blessing to her husband! I pray that Kyle would continue to learn to hide the Word in his heart! Lord, help him to overcome some of his memory issues and help me to be the best Mom/teacher he can have!
Thank you Lord for placing people in Kyle's life that love him. His new friends at DYG, who accept him and love him...exactly how you have created him! Thank you for the men of God in his life, his Dad, Pastor John, Pastor Ray, Mr. Chuck and others. I do not believe it is accidental at all...that you have placed these men at this time in His life!
Thank you for creating him to see things differently, because he has an ability to see beauty in people and things that become lessons for those of us that are close to him. What a gift!
Thank you for his heart for prayer, for child like faith, for boldness to pray the things that many want to believe in but fear are too big! Kyle never fears things are too big! He prayed for Ms. Aleatha, that she would never have a limp after her foot was broken and she was told she may very well walk with a limp her whole life. She never had to limp...ever! He believes in healing and in the Healer! Perhaps believing in the healing power of God comes easy for Kyle because he is a walking, talking miracle himself!
Lord, protect him from the enemy! Set a hedge around him and guard him all the days of his life! Father, we trust you to weed out the people in his life, surround him with encouragers, protect him from trouble and all kinds of evil or malice!
Thank you God for giving Kyle brothers that love him, and love being by his side. Brothers who look after him, and sacrifice at times because "he's my brother"! Thank you for the special relationships he has with Brendan and Shane! May they continue to grow closer and may they have a bond that is not easily broken. Protect them from division, lies and deception! Keep them close Lord, all the days of their lives!
Father grow the call of discipleship in Kyle's life! Grow the gift of healing and intercessory prayer in this child! May he always be bold and never back away from an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with others!

Continue to grow his talents and gifts and may you teach him to be a good steward of those things in which you have placed in him when you formed him! Mold him, make him more like you Jesus!

Thank you for this precious young man! On his birthday, every year, I think....Lord, on June 12th, 2001, you gave me two of the most amazing gifts...and I celebrate your generous heart towards me! May you grant to Mike and I wisdom to be the best parents you have called us to be. May we always have the sensitivity to hear you Lord. Thank you for loving us through the difficult times and the mistakes we've made in parenting! You are a wonder worker...and I see that every day in the lives of my boys!

In the Mighty Name of Jesus....Amen

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