Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Gap In My Armor

One of my pastors once told me that if I continue God's plan for my life, I will most likely always have a giant target on my back. The enemy sees the work that God is doing in and through you and it just makes him nervous. I understand all of this, I really do.

Yesterday I had one of those moments that the enemy just threw something right in my face and it knocked the wind out of me. It didn't devastate me. I can best explain this attack (without really explaining in detail) by asking you to think about a time when you got a bruise. Someone says to you..."WOW, where did you that bruise?" You don't remember, but if and when that bruise gets banged or poked..the pain comes right back and often times we remember the incident that caused the bruise. Mainly because you remember the pain of the incident.  This is what happened to me yesterday. It was as if the devil was poking at my bruise and it hurt my flesh! The ironic thing is, that this same exact incident has happened numerous times over the past 3-4 months but I didn't react quite this way. Why?

I think I know why. I called my husband promptly and told him what happened. He recognized it immediately and said these exact words, "Lisa, this is a total spiritual attack! You are a warrior for Christ and the enemy is at your heels every step of the way. He knows your weak spot and he is using it to distract you or discourage you from the call God has for you! NO weapon formed against you will prosper!" Those words put me straight back to "Hold every thought captive!" So I did! I recovered very quickly.

But why did I struggle this time and not the other numerous times...I think its because for a moment, I was exposed. There was a gap in my armor. Would you go out onto the battlefield without a helmet.! I'm not talking the full armor of God specifically, but I am talking about it generally. (meaning I had the helmet of salvation on yesterday) it was just that more of my flesh was showing than it should have and the enemy jumped right on that and threw a few lies my way.

My friend pointed out that I had just that morning written a blog about lies and The Danger of a Broken Lens (you can read that by clicking on the title). You see the Lord was already preparing me to fight this battle, and I didn't even know it! OH HOW I LOVE HIM! He's always got my back!

Listen, the lesson I learned was as much as we try to cover ourselves in prayer, with armor or whatever, sometimes we leave just a bit of flesh to be poked. If there is an old wound and the enemy knows about it, don't think he won't use that to try to get you to believe you were not healed!

I walk in complete healing from the original wound that created that bruise. It surprised me that I even had a bruise. So, hold every thought captive! Put on your armor! Stay close to your Commander-in-Chief. We fight FROM victory! No weapon formed against you will prosper! I recovered very quickly because of my sword! The word of God is our sword - read it, use it and be on guard! No leaving any gaps in your armor! See you at the victory celebration!

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