Monday, November 4, 2013

Breathing Jesus Words

After the post about My Second Chance I thought that could most definitely be added to my 1000 gifts. The fact is I think I lost track of my number. I've been working on the list for years, that is the point isn't it? Finding treasures every single day that you are thankful for! My Second Chance is about how God gave me a second chance at life, He literally gave me the very breath I breathe and I will be forever grateful that I didn't have to leave my family in sorrow. We will all go home at some point to be with Jesus, and in fact I long for the day. However, as my 10 year old stated..."I know it would be great for you to be with Jesus in Heaven Mom, but I would be miserable without you!" So...thank you Lord for orchestrating every single detail of Friday's events! 

Now for today. A friend of mine gave me these cards to read and discuss every day of the Thanksgiving season. We've enjoyed it as a family. I love that I homeschool and can spend extra time on the couch first thing in the morning just listening to my boys.

Let me set the stage for you, so you can feel like I did this morning watching and listening to my boys as we discussed the scripture and questions. Today was day 4 (November 4th). The scripture was from Psalm 118:28 "You are my God and I will give You thanks; You are my God and I will exalt You!" The question to discuss was simply "What does it mean to exalt God? What would that look like in your life?" 

If you were peeking through my window this morning you would have found 3 boys, covered in their blankets (because I had the windows WIDE open so the rare Florida cool breeze could blow in!). One boy nestled on the couch with the dog and I, another on the rocking chair and yet another in a ball on the floor. So we read the verse and we talk about the questions. 

What does it mean to exalt God? What does exalt mean anyway? Here is what you would have heard...and I'm trying hard to quote the best I can, I wrote some responses down as they spoke, but I got carried away just listening toward the end.

"Exalt means praise, like (in a singing voice) WE EXALT YOU LORD!" 
"Yea, like hallelujahs!"
"It means to lift Him up, to praise Him." 


What would that look like in YOUR life?

"Singing praises....(as he demonstrates)", 
"Maybe reading His Word out loud?" 
"Memorizing His Word!" 
"Sharing our story about how He loves us and others".....and you can see it got better and better....
"Obeying Him!", 
"Just being who He created me to be!",
 "Sharing this story Mom....(as shared by my 10 year old)

"The story starts as 4 kids were in the back of the car, like any day after co-op. Mom was driving us to get a treat at the local store. We go to the park, like every other Friday. Mom sitting with her friends, chatting about whatever Moms chat about. Kids playing, running, laughing like always. Then suddenly the world is not like it was always. Mom got stung by a bee. She had never been stung before. I watched her fall to the ground trying to breath. All her friends trying to help her. Someone called 911. Mom's head was drooping and laying on her friend. I thought she was dying. The ambulance came, they put a mask on her, they put her in the ambulance, I hugged her, she gave me the thumbs up. I was scared. There were people crying, even other Moms. I saw the tears. Their words didn't match their tears. Then there were kids. Kids everywhere breathing Jesus words for my Mom. Jesus words...they are very powerful...they heal! Jesus words, prayers of children went all the way to Heaven and then Heaven reached my Mom. She was healed, she could breathe, she didn't leave me!" "That's a story that would exalt God don't you think?!" -- by Shane Engel

I consulted with my boy before I finished this blog...I wanted to get as close to exact as I could. I think we've got this whole EXALT thing. I'm pretty sure they see God every day! I'm pretty sure we won't be taking each other, our words or our actions for least for awhile.

As we prayed, it was different this time. Bold, they were so bold. Thankful, they were so thankful for so many things, even little things. Then it turned, I didn't think it was going to turn....prayers for a friend, for a boy who needs the love of Jesus to invade his life, prayers for healing for friends and loved ones, prayers for salvation for those who don't know this God who deserves all praise and honor. As my most mature boy closes in prayer....his voice quivered..."I don't deserve this amazing family, but I thank you God, thank you for all the love that I receive from my Mom and Dad, all because they received love from you first!"

I think they grew up a little this past weekend. I'm pretty sure their faith has matured. I'm so so thankful for every circumstance, every trial, every detail of a life that is submitted to the sovereignty of a mighty mighty God!

Oh so grateful Lord God, for the 1000 gifts....

We will exalt you with our obedience. We will exalt you with our praises. We will exalt you with our breath. We will exalt you with our lives. We will exalt you with our story...your story in us! We will breathe Jesus words....and that will exalt you!

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