Thursday, November 21, 2013

Our Little Spot

"He is like the light of morning at sunrise" - 2 Sam.23:4
Good morning Lord,

Only 4 hours of sleep, my eyes can barely open, but I sense that you are there. Our little spot. The spot were we meet every morning. The house is quiet, the children and animals are still asleep, so I know this is the time. I love that you are the Creator of the known and unknown universe yet here you are waiting for me to come to our spot.

It never fails to amaze me that when we meet, you know exactly what I need. When I need a Father, you are ready with open arms to receive me, just as I am. When I'm confused, stressed, anxious, you remind me to give all of that to you and then you hold me tight. I feel so safe and secure no matter what is going on around me. There are those times too that I come and I'm ornery. Complain, complain, complain, you are so patient. You listen, then you gently instruct, reminding me that its not about me, you help me put things in perspective and show me how to die to myself. Only You can do that, because You died...and rose again. Even in the times where I'm needing instruction or discipline, you love me so much you always leave me with my dignity.

When I've needed a Savior, I would be running to get to you in the midst of tears, yet I could see that you were running to get to me too. Then you rescued me. Scooped me up, held me tight beneath the shadow of your wings and carried me. Those times are absolutely incredible because I've seen you gently place me in a safe spot while you unleash your mighty power and do battle on my behalf! Who does that but my Savior?!

Then sometimes, like this morning, I come to you as my King! I come to our spot and I cannot sit, I must lay with my face on the ground in utter worship. At these times, I am so immensely aware that I don't have a clue. Oh we meet everyday, I spend time in your Presence we are so intimate, yet I know that it will not be until the day I see you face to face that Your All will be revealed. Even then, it may take all of eternity to see your vastness and majesty. However, there I lie, before the King of Kings and You kneel down beside me and gently lift my head and whisper sweetly in my ear, "Rise my daughter and take your place, here on my lap." You remind me again that while you are the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, you've adopted me, you've chosen me. I am a daughter of the King. A King whose reign will never end. A King who chose to pay a price for me. A King who created the known and unknown universe. A King to whom all creation bows down. A Father who loves gently and unconditionally. A Savior who rescues me and battles on my behalf. I'm Yours! You're mine! Why would I EVER want to miss this time? I love our little spot!  

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