Saturday, October 26, 2013

Finding Joy in the Journey

Just one of the things I saw on our hike down Stone Mountain. See how distractingly beautiful that can be!

This morning I laid it down again. My journey. Not my battle, but my journey. According to Webster, a journey is a traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time; passage or progress from one stage to another. We are ALL on a journey of some sort. Just coming home from my latest vacation it made me reflect on the fact that when we're on a journey we must be ready to accept the fact that we may find ourselves encountering things that may slow down our traveling. For example, we may hit traffic, detours, road construction (someone else in your party may get really sick)...all of which will slow us down. We may just be tired and need to pull over, or we may get distracted by all the things we can see and do on our trip. We may just be totally enjoying ourselves and the life that this journey has taken us and we've gotten out and pitched a tent for awhile. Now, when we do makes sense that "traveling from one place to another" will take longer. Just a fact.

That's what has happened with my journey. I've gotten out, pitched a tent and have truly been enjoying all the things that life has shown me for the past 4 months or so (I've gotten a little distracted). Don't get me wrong...there have been some storms, and that can totally do a number on the tent. So, I'm just confessing today that I've put my tent back into the car, I'm not going to be discouraged about the time loss (or the weight gain), I know this is a journey...but its time to get back on the road. Time to set my eyes straight on my goal. No looking back, just forward. Its a new day. I'm not going to beat myself up for the pause in my journey...I haven't given up.

That is where you can find the joy in the journey. I'm still on the journey, I'm not in a race...but I know there is a goal to meet...and I'm not lost...I've just pitched a tent for awhile...but I'm back in the car..ready to do this!

How about you? Where have you been on your journey? Are you discouraged because you are not where you thought you should be by now? OK, so when we begin to feel discouraged - take an inventory, perhaps its time to pick up your tent and move on. Get back on track. Just don't sit there and be miserable and beat yourself up, reach up for the Lord's outstretched hand, He will pick you up (all the while He is smiling...He's not condemning you know)...HE LOVES you!! He's always thrilled when we reach out to Him. I've said I'm in the car and ready to go...but I didn't say I was the one driving. I know myself, I get WAY too distracted. I see a pretty mountain, or an interesting historical landmark and I can't help myself. This is why we need to let Him do the driving. So here you go Lord, I'm giving you the keys. I know you love me, I know that there may even be times when I beg you for the chance to drive and you may even let me...I get it. I'm just glad I'm doing it with YOU...and I'm not alone! Here WE go!

Friends, EnJOY your journey!

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