Monday, March 18, 2013

Lessons From The Little House...

April 2011 Loving the flowers in front of the Little House
on Willow Oak! Two of my children are studying early American History and in my opinion there is no better way to watch the expansion of the US than watching Little House On The Prairie. I have always LOVED the show when it was on television. Then it was in syndication while I was pregnant and on bed rest and I was obsessed with watching every episode. That was before Netflix and DVDs.

Now I sit on Monday nights with my two boys while my other is at youth group and we watch a few order of course. There are so many lessons to be learned in each one. Something to take away for today. We have only seen the pilot movie and then we just watch the first 2 episodes of season 1 and I have cried at every one. I wonder if I will cry for every single episode?

So what am I thinking about tonight? As my husband woke up at 8:30pm this evening and we made the transition to bed by 9:00pm for my children, I thought about my life in our little house on Willow Oak.

So many things are falling apart. The car, the shed (very dangerous), the fence, we've got little acrobatic ants now, the electricity in my kitchen is many things. We gave up cable TV about two years ago..and purchased an antenna. What a hoot, this week as my boys and I crowded around my TV as we took turns holding the antenna "just so" so that we could get a halfway decent reception. We went for a walk this weekend and I reminded my husband that a year ago, he didn't have a job, our lives had changed dramatically as Pop had died last March. We prayed big and God provided for our every need. Now he has a job, and we are presently paying off what we owed during our time of famine. I told him how happy it makes me feel for him that he is a homeowner, with a fine nursing job and a family who loves him and is so proud of him. I (in my ever so careful way) also mentioned that he must be 'excited' about getting some things done around the house. Of course I know he has never learned how to fix things, make repairs, or any of that...and he's a bit nervous of doing more damage than good. Then he explained to me, that the dreams he has doesn't match the income he receives. I know it doesn't.
The blessing to do this in our back yard.
Then tonight as I reflect on our little house, I realize that it is full of very big things. Huge miracles from God...priceless treasures in the children that bring so much joy. The honor and privilege we have to homeschool our children, the time we get to spend together...reading together, playing games, laughing, watching Little House episodes. The sacrifices that we have made, to live with less, (in comparison to the rest of the world is NOTHING), but for where we live, it has done a great deal in the raising of my boys. We treasure things like time, laughter, and joy and even sorrow. We've learned contentment (even though at times we long for more). We can look around and see beyond the broken cabinets, old mattresses, and dilapidated sheds and see a sense of humor, a big yard, and have I mentioned laughter. Wow, we giggle a lot around here. This makes me very thankful for Pa (aka.) Mr. Incredible and his love and faith that he models for my children. Thankful for my boys, far from country boys, but their love for one another, the Lord and for others runs true and deep. Thankful that we even have a Little House...and no mortgage. Praise God! So as I listened to the laughter tonight coming from the other side of the house and Pa said goodnight/goodbye to the boys...I smiled and realized we've learned many lessons in our Little House and I'm sure we'll be learning many more.

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Aleatha said...

Boy oh boy can I relate! Even though I am not where I thought I would be at this point in my life it is so OK with me - I love that I get so frusterated with my cabinets and the laundry list of other things wrong with my shoe box of a home but that just means I don't have any BIGGER problems to make me not even realize those little problems that can seem so big! Love you and miss you!!