Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Hero Is Super!

 "Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!" Well, ok...not exactly. However, I do refer to him as Mr. Incredible...and there are numerous reasons why. I know, you probably think your husband is the best, and I hope you do, but today August 5th is my husband's birthday..and I'm taking this opportunity to share why he is one of my most treasured gift from God. Forgive me while I indulge.
He may not be more powerful than a locomotive, but he can calm a crying baby and actually loves to do it. He is one of the most self sacrificing people on the planet. This man has, on numerous occasions, taken care of other people's children as well as our own, so that I can go an help a friend, or have a meeting with others whose husbands work (his contribution to women's ministry). He has cooked more meals than I can count for people who are sick (I may volunteer...but he is in the kitchen). I love to hang with people, he does too, but when we do...he's the one in the kitchen. Actually he always does the cooking all the time. ♥
Here he is cleaning his sister's refrigerator that had stopped running while she was away on vacation. This took hours and he had to clean it out..maggots and all. That has to be love.
After giving birth to my twins, I spent 4 days in and out of a coma...he was on it..feedings, diaper changes, up all hours...sacrificing, my children are 11 & 9...and he still on it! Faster than a speeding bullet, maybe not, but you chase after 3 kids under 2 years old.
He's is one of the most present father's I know. He earned that accolade because for several years, he was home..unemployed or taking care of his grandfather and being a dad...24 hours a day. Allowing me to go on retreats, meetings and conferences. Making sure I got some alone time...he still does that.
Leap tall buildings in a single bound...maybe not, but he certainly has built his share of tall buildings with mega blocks and legos.
 He has played the sick patient for a couple of quack doctors.
He prays with his children every single night and often during the day too. He has modeled what it is to be a man after God's own heart to his three sons. He is teaching them every day how to be a father and a husband, how to pray, how to love, how to live.
Unashamed, he has faced hardships like none other. Ridicule and harsh words thrown in his direction by people he loves...yet he continues to love.  He has struggled to find work, yet has supported his family. He has worked part time while going to school full time.  Pretty powerful in my book.
 He (with me) has taken several young girls to concerts...helping make some of their dreams come true. There he is with his niece above, and below some other friends.

Again...just look at that guy. Who couldn't love that face...the two headed pushme-pullyou!
OH and of personal hero when it comes to capturing all things creepy. There he is disposing of a rat snake. 
So I've bragged on his cooking, he cleans and does laundry too (please don't ask what I do). He also makes costumes. His creation of the Lenni Lanape Indians above and of course our most recent Star Wars escapade...that's all Mike. I'm not that creative.
He is my rock when it comes to emergencies. This is when Shane busted his head on the corner of our counter. My man, Mr. Incredible, calmly holds the child, puts us all in the car and drives us to the emergency room. Calm as a cucumber.

Love this man! Speaking of calm. I know I don't have to repeat it, but for 4 years he was the sole caregiver of his grandfather. Pop, suffered from Alzheimers/Dementia. When he finally went into a facility, the nurse told my husband that he had gone...way above the call of duty and that Pop really needed a full staff of professionals for that last two years at least.

 My husband lovingly, sacrificially, tirelessly cared for him until the end.

OH and yes...he is that Dad and Husband who really couldn't see getting a puppy, but just because he loved us and really couldn't see his family be disappointed...he said Dodger! He totally went up in the ranks for all of us that day!
At 45 years old...he goes back to school. Trying to begin a career, finding out what "God has put on his heart to do", he goes back to school for nursing. He graduates at the top of his class in 3 more days at 47 years old. Nursing school full time, work part time, father and husband full time, head elder of our church for the past 6 years. Lost his mother and grandfather...his family hurt him deeply...yet he loves on. We are so profoundly proud of him (next post I'm sure).
So, Mr. Incredible...we may not look up in the sky to find him flying like a plane or a bird, but I certainly look up to him. My three sons, look up to him. I'm so incredibly blessed to call him my husband and best friend for the past 22 years. He's mine and I love him. One of the most treasured gifts that the Lord has blessed me with. So, Happy Birthday Mr. man who is indeed smarter than anyone I know, more patient that a rock, and able to make my heart leap miles high by just one look or a simple kiss! My protector, (who has watched me get so deeply hurt in the past few years and has been my rock of wisdom) my umbrella, my coffee buddy, my sounding board, my best friend, my hero -  I love you Mike Engel!

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To love a man is truly a treasure!! BTW I love how well you documented life with pics :)