Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No Interruptions (Day 2)

It started with a very difficult night of sleep for me and....the dog. Me, I tossed and turned, partly because the smell in my home is making me hungry. Mike is making the absolute most amazing sauce for some lasagna and it has permeated my entire home...smells of garlic, pork, beef, tomatoes, basil....this makes it difficult to sleep. To be honest however, I was probably thinking mostly about things like, are my superheros going to wear deodorant, take showers, brush teeth...will Brendan give Kyle his "stuff". I packed all of their things in one suitcase...Kyle probably won't remember anything I told him...so its up to Brendan..who I think actually enjoys smelling like an Italian sub with lots of onions. Needless to say I did wake up often..said a little prayer and tried to go back to sleep. Dodger, well he was like "Goldilocks", he tried sleeping in every bed of the house. I caught him in Brendan's bed at one point. Finally, he came back to my room and moaned. Oh I think he misses the noise too.

My morning started out much like any other morning. Quietly ensconced in my spot, with a blanket and my Bible and coffee. The only difference was...there were no dishes to empty from the dishwasher. We didn't run the dishwasher. Probably has something to do with 3 people missing. (Little lump in my throat!) Oh this is  going to be good for me.

Off for my workout. I'm supposed to be training for a triathlon. It's not going very well. Fear of the ocean and the rip current is mostly what's been holding me back. I'm working on the courage. Don't know if I'll actually compete in September, but I will continue to train. So I ran 3 miles and biked 8 all within 60 minutes. Not bad for getting back into the swing of things.

So my friend Lorrie, who by the way was my first friend in Florida. I moved here in October of 2003 and she and I became instant friends in November. She is like family to me...loves me just the way I am..no expectations...just genuine love..and the feeling is mutual! I totally went on a little bunny trail there...she has been to IKEA and loved it..and wanted me to experience it with her. I really can not afford to buy anything, but we can all afford to dream right?

So we rarely go anyplace together without lots of laughter and fun!  Here are just a few of the silly things I noticed and did while we were together, exploring IKEA...

I noticed the carts were WAY cool...how the bags fit in just so! I loved that. We didn't need the cart...we had enough space in our heads to fill with dreams..no need for a cart.
This was the sign in the ladies room stall. Interesting...flush up for liquid waste...flush down for solid waste. Wow! That is really all I can say about that!
 I found the little pencils and measuring tape so adorable. Yes we had lunch too. What a great place.
 There she is my Blandy girl!  B - For Blandy!
Yes...we were looking good..and having fun. I thought to myself, as we get older I can understand why our children wouldn't want to hang out with us much. I'm gonna work on that. I think I'm a cool middle aged woman (and so far my superheros do too)...shhhh don't tell them otherwise!
I just wanted a moment in the shower stall. Every trip (if we can possibly manage it...must end (or begin or both) at a Starbucks. So that is what we did!
 There are my two favorite girls!
Well, I did walk away buying just a little something. We have inherited this new table and I homeschool so I didn't want it to get ruined. Already I can see etchings of fine writing samples dug into the wood..so I was planning on covering the wood before school starts again. Well, we found these fun place mats (which are over-sized and hard enough to be a writing back for my boys to use for school...all the while doubling as  place mats. Then of course Lorrie had to hook me up with some flowers and a cute little rectangle vase.

What a wonderful day. Yes, I talked about my kids. I'm pretty sure I didn't shed a tear today however. I did think about them a lot. I'm really really enjoying my time with my husband. Uninterrupted time...it has been wonderful. I think today was a success. I'm learning a lot about myself. (By Saturday....I'm going to be desperately needing a superhero fix!) Tomorrow Mr. Incredible and I have some quality time planned in St. Augustine...first I have a book that needs to be read from cover to cover. Catch you tomorrow.

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