Thursday, July 12, 2012

Affirmative Relationships (Day 4)

Not too many words were spoken this morning. I woke up, read for awhile, walked into my superheros rooms. I wondered are they missing me, like I'm missing them? I closed my eyes and pictured our reunion. (I know that is dangerous...I did the same thing for our farewell and it was nothing like I imagined.) However, I still cannot help the fact that when I close my eyes I see their faces, their smiles...and I long for them to be back. I know they are having the time of their lives. I thought about our routine...the "goodnights", the rituals, the talks in bed at night, the unwinding...hmmmm...I miss them.

So how do I remedy that. By watching a TV show on Netflix. You know the kind of show that gets your heart beating fast. My kind of show...crime fighting, political, counter terrorism....24! I never watched 24 when it was televised (probably too busy with very young children to watch television) but is highly entertaining. I made the boys' beds with fresh smelling sheets. While doing this I let my mind wander to when they are in college...or married...quickly I ran to watch another episode of 24. The president was making poor decisions...that got my mind off of being a mother of boys who will get married one day and go off to be close to their wives' parents.

I made coconut is part one of a two part dessert for our friends that we having over for dinner  tonight. We served a refreshing sorbet too. You can find this cookie recipe on my other website: Krypton's Kitchen. I loved that we invited friends over for dinner. It was something to look forward to besides my superheros return. It made my Day 4 without much more bearable.

Before Chip and Linda got to the thought was...I love candles, I should light a few. However with the smell of this...
there really was no need to light the candles. The smell permeated the house. I'm so proud of my husband..he is an amazing cook. He works that kitchen!!

Chip and Linda are dog lovers...animal lovers! I knew they were gonna be okay with Dodger. You see Dodger loves, I mean LOVES people. He really believes that everyone wants to be with him and play with him. He is convinced (and I've tried to convince him otherwise) that when we people come over they are here for one play with him, to love on him, to see only him. He is a very obedient puppy, except for the jumping up on you when you walk through the door. I'm working on that. Case in point...Linda walks through the door and he is fine. He sniffed and wagged his tail and was very excited, but she just stood there and let him do his thing. He didn't jump on her. Then he met Chip. There was instant love! He has been missing his brothers...until now...he has found his Chip!  OH they frolicked and played and laughed and kissed. Chip got him so excited, Dodger was so happy, so elated, so intoxicated..full of joy...he vomited on Chip.

Did I just say that? OH yes. Dodger (for the record) has NEVER done that before. Right before we're to sit and have that delicious dinner...Dodger puked all over Chip's very nice clothes. Chip was awesome. Totally didn't want Dodger to get in trouble. Linda and I were both thankful Mike knows how to handle vomit. It's always nice to have a nurse in the house. Chip got all cleaned up..and Dodger finally calmed down. (Honestly if you ask me...Chip was kind of sad that Dodger rested. I think Chip wanted to play some more!)
We had a wonderful night! I love these people. So real, so genuine, so affirming & encouraging. We had and still have many things in common. We swapped stories, laughed and even got teary at times. It was a great night. Mike and I are so thankful for our friendship with Chip and Linda. (And Dodger is too...of course he thinks they only came to see him anyway!) It was a great night. When they were about to leave we woke Dodger up and he got all excited again...handing out the kisses and love. Did a few tricks for them...and I'm pretty sure he wanted to go home with them too. I talked a lot about my boys tonight...but Chip and Linda can really relate...and in fact bring a great perspective to us! Parents of boys...there's a bond. I remember when my friend Rhonda came over one time...oh my kids were so small. They were running around like crazy boys and hiding in our entertainment center, running into our couch...and I said.."I bet you don't see crazy kids like this every day?" And she said..."Well, yes, yes I boys are much bigger, but they still jump on the couch, and run around like crazy kids!" Spoken like a mom of boys. Counting my blessings tonight...for our relationships, for friends, for children, for times of growth, times of learning, for His Grace...His amazing Grace...for His story in us!

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